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3 Tutorial Artists You Want To Follow On Youtube

If you’re a creative person who wants to learn a new way to express yourself, then this post is for you. It lays out 3 of the best YouTube channels to follow if you want to learn a new, artistic skill from an expert.

1. Gordon Ramsay — The Chef
Gordon Ramsay, the food king of reality TV, is famous for the shows Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef, and Hell’s Kitchen. Well now he’s taken his skills for cooking and media and decided to apply them to Youtube, and the channel is amazing. Here’s why:

When you watch Gordon Ramsay on TV you see other people learn from his cooking experience. You get to see beautiful shots of decadent food and drool over what you may never eat. When you watch Gordon Ramsay on Youtube he teaches you how to cook. His Youtube channel features FoodNetwork esc videos of him in the kitchen talking through recipes step-by-step with explanations of why he uses certain techniques. Watch the Gordon Ramsay channel if you want to learn how to make delicious food!

2. Wengie — The Makeup Artist

Wengie is an incredibly talented makeup artist from Australia with a background in marketing. Early in her career she learned the importance of writing for blogs and social media as way for businesses to connect with their audience. She took those lessons and started working for herself.

Now she is a famous Youtuber whose videos average thousands of views. The videos are generally makeup tutorials, and her approach is one of an artist. She looks critically at culture, compares and contrasts different styles, and ultimately provides her perspective on make-up while teaching technique. If you want to think thoughtfully about makeup as an art, or just learn some tips for your daily routines or a night out, follow Wengie! She’s amazing.

3. William Kemp Art School — The Painter
William Kemp is a talented painter who has studied art in Italy, run his own gallery, and taught art in school. Now he has a YouTube channel of art lessons for art beginners. He offers videos on sketching technique and acrylic paint. There are more painting videos than sketching videos. The paint videos teach you a lot about the medium.

He explains how to take care of paints & paintbrushes, and logically walks the viewers through new techniques step-by-step, slowly so they have time to learn. This is definitely a good channel to watch if you’ve always loved the idea of painting, but haven’t picked up a brush since middle school. You’ll learn so much and be amazed by what you can create.
That’s it! These are 3 of the best YouTube Channels there are. Gordon Ramsay, the expert chef, will teach you how to cook. Wengie, the talented make-up artist with a unique perspective, will teach you make-up technique, and William Kemp will walk you through the basics of painting with acrylics. Happy creating!

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Beneful: Helpful Hints for a Healthy Holiday

There is nothing like sharing the joys of the holidays with our family and friends. This holiday season, it is also important to remember the well-being of our furry friends. There are several holiday safety tips that we can keep in mind for our pets. Nothing says the holidays like flowers and other festive plants. Although traditional plants such as poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe are beautiful, they can be deadly if eaten by a dog. Like all other plants, holiday flowers should be kept out of the reach of nosey canines. The Christmas tree is lovely to behold; however, it holds many hazards for dogs. If dogs eat pine needles, they risk having a punctured bowel. Often times, the tree water looks like a drinking fountain to dogs. Tree water can have chemicals and other bacteria that is dangerous to drink. People who have live Christmas trees should consider putting screens around the tree basin to discourage drinking. The dazzling lights and decorations are tempting to curious dogs. Pet owners should keep tinsels and decorations high enough so they cannot be reached by four-footed wanderers. Most decorations look like toys and can be chocking hazards for dogs. Lights and cords present shocking and burn hazards, so dogs should never be left unattended around the tree. When owners are not at home, the tree lights should be unplugged to keep Fido safe. The holidays can be stressful to pets as well as their owners. There are usually a lot of unfamiliar visitors around the holidays and this makes dogs feel uneasy. It is important for dog owners to provide a quiet place for their pets in case they want to retreat from the crowd. We also have to remember to keep dogs on their regular schedule and make sure that guests are not feeding them people food. A dog’s diet is one of the most important part of their well-being. That is why many dog owners chose PurinaStore Beneful for their pets. Beneful is packed on Walmart with protein and other nutritious fruit and vegetables for canine optimal health. It comes in wet or dry formulas and is divided into stages of life. With some great safety tips and delicious Beneful, our dogs can enjoy the holidays with the rest of us.

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Bruce Levenson Acquired A New Client

On August 13th, 2012, LocationInsight LLC, one of the most trusted providers of proprietary local search marketing software, reported the success of their financial partnership with United Communications Group, which led to the acquisition of $5 million for a buy-out involving InfoNow Corporation. Since 1977, Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz have served as the primary directors of United Communications Group. Throughout the past fifteen years, LocationInsight LLC has offered the best product locators for major corporations and enterprises across the country. Moreover, the uniqueness of the company lies in their innovative search solutions that drive results for branded and unbranded queries. LocationInsight LLC Proprietary Business Solutions -The success of the company’s innovative campaign integrations is the direct result of many call-to-action features that generates substantial leads and revenue. -By utilizing exclusive local search engine optimization content management tools as well as complex syndication systems, the company’s internet-based locator technology is greatly enhanced. -LocationInsight LLC is known for continually implementing local content across a variety of web platforms such as online directories, search engine optimization landing pages, Google Places and Maps, Bing and Yahoo Profile pages as well as social media networks like Foursqure, Facebook, and Twitter. -In the future, LocationInsight LLC plans to complement the current service model with a SaaS version in order to attract more advertising agencies as loyal clients. The company also intends to expand their sales and marketing departments as well as fine-tune their existing product locator platform. According to Ari Kaufman, who is the chief executive officer of LocationInsight LLC, his team is extremely excited to have United Communications Group for a strategic financial partner as the successful Maryland-based company is most recognized for creating profitable bottom lines following the acquisition of a business. Furthermore, Levenson and his group of highly qualified professionals will provide their new client with ample support throughout the buy-out, especially as LocationInsight LLC experiences profound company growth. Todd Foreman, United Communications Group chief executive officer believes that LocationInsight LLC is well positioned for great expansion as the company is led by one of the most seasoned leaders in the industry. Moreover, he recognizes that Kaufman and his product development team will definitely benefit from the corporation’s thirty-five years of successfully providing software and business information solutions. About LocationInsight LLC LocationInsight LLC is one of the leading providers of unprecedented local search marketing solutions to many prominent advertising agencies and major corporations such as American Express, Western Union, and Bank of America. Since their launch about fifteen years ago, the company has excelled in optimizing business locations in order to generate rewarding results from product queries. About United Communications Group Founded in 1977 by Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz, United Communications Group is one of the best companies that specializes in published information for a variety of industries like oil/energy, healthcare, banking/finance, mortgage/real estate, technology. The ultimate goal of the corporation is to drive business growth through the utilization of strategic guidance and sound practices.

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Best Networking Marketing Company in the Industry

Are you looking for the best networking marketing company in the industry? Do you want to join a proven business opportunity that will help you make extra income or earn a full time living, working from anywhere in the world? If you are serious about earning a decent income, working with a company that is considered as a leader in the industry, and achieving financial independence, you want to check out Qnet.

Be careful when selecting a business opportunity or network marketing company. Many companies seek to help their customers and team members but they don’t have the financial stability, and proper training in place, to do so. As a result, people who join these companies complain that it doesn’t work.

Network marketing is a great business to be in, and has been around for decades. Many people, from all walks of life, have achieved tremendous success in this industry. Anyone can make their dream of financial success a reality simply by choosing a proven business opportunity, and following in the footsteps of other successful people. It takes effort, persistence and patience, to make it in any endeavor. But it all start with choosing the right opportunity and a great company.

There are thousands of marketing companies and business opportunities that deal with various methods of network marketing, but the key issue to be aware of is that you must choose an opportunity designed to attract a steady stream of new prospects and downline members. With proper research, you can find out which companies or business opportunities are reputable, and which ones are not worth your time.

AT Qnet everything is designed to help you start earning a decent income and living a good life. Qnet aims to help people find their purpose. And Qnet does this through their world-class products proven to enhance people’s lives, through their exciting borderless business opportunity, through their training programs, and through their community outreach initiatives.

Qnet has a compensation plan that is very easy to understand, and is designed to make money for the members and the company. By following the training on marketing and promotion, you will have a chance to earn good commissions while satisfying the needs of your customers.

You can make money and achieve financial independence, you can make money through team effort, and you can enjoy your earned money and the free time that the network marketing business provides. Some people may think this sounds too good to be true, and they may feel like they could never attain success in this industry. They are wrong. As long as you join a great company like Qnet, and are persistent, you can attain success in the network marketing field.

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Environmental Preservation Improving Eucatex Beauty

Every company has a corporate social responsibility to play, that’s always been Flavio’s social media message. However, when one company decides to shape their social responsibility into a plan that preserves the environment, they break the record. This is because people have been used to companies that only do a little to the surroundings compared to their income. For Eucatex, it has continued to make homes beautiful through smart flooring solutions plus preserving the environment. With eye blows being raised concerning climate change and global warming, the company has decided to play its part. With the source of their products being wood, the company has started carrying out reforestation. This has been made possible through the leadership of Flavio Maluf.

Growing in beauty

Homeowners are looking for the perfect flooring solutions. This also includes beautiful wall packages and the ceiling solutions. This has seen the company investing in creativity.A new line of the varnishes and paint has also been introduced. An improvement has also been carried out in the construction of doors, partition panels and walls. Knowing the needs of the customers have also thrust the firm to glory and success. This involves growing to a level of supplying the products to 40 countries worldwide according to latest Slideshare estimates. The employee base has also grown to 2,000. This shows a growing company whose products make every home to remain glowing.

FlavioMaluf steering success

The landmark achievements ofMaluf started in 1980s. This was after he initiated the process of reforestation. The reforestation project was to ensure integrity on the planet by ensuring that the figure of the landscape is maintained through tree planting. The work ofMaluf has also been noted with the opening of branches in Mexico, United States and Netherlands. This has helped increase the customer base plus the profit to the company.

Flavio Maluf is the man behind the success of Eucatex and is considered a business magnate. He studied Mechanical Engineering and later pursued Business Administration. Later he joined Eucatex in 1987 as shown on LinkedIn. He first served in the trade section and then moved to the industrial section of the company. Due to his tremendous contribution, he was invited to be part of the structure executives. In 1997, he made a great career leap after all the stakeholders agreed to endorse him as president of the company. Flavio Maluf’s innovation and leadership development alongside his family, has made him steer the company forward. This includes developing new products, which will match the market needs. He is married to Jacqueline de Lourdes Torres and they are blessed with one daughter and three sons.

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Adam Sender Expects A Large Profit From The Sale Of His Art Collection

It is rare for an art collection sale to raise as much of a fuss as the Sotheby’s auction of hedge fund manager Adam Sender’s contemporary art sale has in recent months. The former head of the Exis Capital company is looking to sell more than 400 artworks over a matter of months, which could raise as much as $70 million according to some estimates. Sender is now seeking to display more of his artwork that he has decided to hold on to, but is looking to find buyers for pieces that include multi room installations by respected artists like Donald Young.

Adam Sender has always been open and willing to share much about his love of contemporary art, which he has done in a series of interviews and gallery displays since he began collecting seriously in 1998. Sender’s entry into the art world was prompted by his own love of contemporary art, but he conceded in a 2011 interview that buying works by artists like Warhol was virtually impossible in the modern world. Instead, Sender looked to the work of respected artists who were still working and had received critical acclaim over the course of their careers to assemble a collection with works by over 130 artists.

The sale of the Sender collection will see a large number of pieces from 139 artists go under the hammer as the influence of curator Todd Levin is seen throughout the Sender collection. The sale should provide a large profit for the former hedge fund manager as the prices of many of the pieces he bought have rocketed upwards in recent years as the reputations of the artists have only grown larger. The latest sale comes after a 2006 auction saw just 40 works sold by Sender for a reported $20 million, a figure which could be dwarfed if the latest sale hits its full potential.

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FreedomPop offers free calling and text

According to a report published by Android Authority, FreedomPop is the first completely free mobile phone service in the country. A FreedomPop plan consists of free voice, free text (SMS), free data and free international calls to a growing list of 50 nations around the world.

Mobile pricing is becoming increasingly competitive, with manufacturers, operators and carriers all fighting for their share of the market with cheaper and cheaper pricing plans. But a free plan from Freedom Pop sounds too good to be true: it includes 200 minutes of call time, 500 texts, and 500MB of data, with no costs other than purchasing the phone.

FreedomPop also offers two premium plans. For $10.99 a month, you get unlimited talk, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. For $19.99, you receive unlimited voice calls, unlimited texting, and 1GB of data.

There is an additional tack-on service known as “Premium Plus” which offers visual voicemail, MMS support (picture and video messaging), data rollover, and more.

Now for the hardware. FreedomPop offers a certified pre-owned Motorola Moto E (2nd generation) for $49.99. With this purchase, you also get one month of the $19.99 plan (unlimited talk, unlimited text, 1GB of data) for free. You can switch from this plan to the free one or the $10.99 one at any time with no fee or waiting period and no contract, so you can cancel at any time. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee.

The certified pre-owned Motorola Moto E is valued around $229.99 and is a deal for $49.99. It runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 operating Android 5.0 Lollipop natively, and has 1GB RAM with 8GB storage capacity and microSD support. The 4.3 inch display has a 540 x 960 resolution, the main camera is 5MP, and the Moto E also has a VGA front cam. The 2390 mAh battery offers plenty of operating life.

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The Amazing Services of Handy, Home Cleaning

Housework is something that we have been outsourcing for quite some time. Butlers and maids have been a mainstay in American culture for quite some time. These individuals have completed chores and left us with much more time to take care of the things that we really need to take care of. There are very few things that can be dreaded just as much as housework and this is why we are willing to pay others to take care of this service for us. There are many services now that are available to us when we don’t have the type of budget to pay for a live-in maid or butler.

Handy, Home Cleaning has been leading the pack as one of the go to services for home cleaning. Their services are available for individuals who want to really just have a few different things done around the home here or there. This is a type of service that could be great for people who just get too busy here or there. The service has been described as the Uber of home services. There are many highly qualified professionals who are able to take care of your home at a moments notice.

Only 2 short years after the beginning of this company it is apparent of how popular this service really is becoming. Handy has now hit 1 million dollars a week in booking. This is a great feat for any company but extremely incredible for a home services company. This is also a great opportunity for individuals to earn some extra money. With close to an average of 20 dollars per hour it is easy to see why there are so many individuals who are willing to work on this platform. There are more opportunities to make money every day as the user-base only continues to grow.

Homeowners are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of home cleaning services through Handy on youtube. There are even more services being added to the Handy company. Plumbing is also a service that you can hire through Handy. Handy is planning on becoming a one-stop solution for all of your home based needs. The confidence of homeowners is a very crucial part of this service really moving forward and it seems to be going very well so far. Only time will tell the full success of Handy, but the way things look now there are only great things to come.