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Mike Paul Gives An Austin, TX Reputation Management Company a Helping Hand

When a reputation has suffered in the fallout of a public relations catastrophe, it may be necessary to utilize the services of a staff of marketing specialists. Status Labs is home to a talented staff that has handled many clients including some very high-profile ones. Now, Status Labs is going to be receiving some high-profile help. Mike Paul, The Reputation Doctor, is joining the board of Status Labs in an advisory capacity. Paul is going to help Status Labs with strategic planning. The company is going to definitely benefit from the advice. Mike Paul is absolutely one of the most talented people in the public relations and crisis management world.

Mike Paul, himself, has handled a number of celebrity clients. He has also been brought on to help mitigate public relations issues with major corporations. Paul worked on behalf of government both in the United States and elsewhere. In short, he is very skilled at what he does. Many unique clients do testify to his abilities.

Mike Paul has also run his own firm, and continues to do so. His profile in the industry has been raised by both the work he performs, and also from making numerous appearances on television.

Status Labs gains a great asset by having access to advice and counsel of Mike Paul. The president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, has publicly commented in a press release that the addition of Paul should help prime Status Labs for even bigger things.

Status Labs has done quite well since its founding in 2012. The company’s revenue increases have grown tremendously year after year. Nothing indicates the company’s growth is going to slow down. Status Labs, under the management of Fisher, has been able to garner a lot of publicity. This has helped the company draw in 1,500 clients seeking crisis and reputation management assistance. Status Labs has provided that assistance across 35 countries.

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The Zika Virus Has A Lot Of Weird Qualities According To Brazil’s Medical Expert Dr. Sergio Cortes


Dr. Sergio Cortes has been functioning as Brazil’s top medical expert in the country’s Ministry of Health for several years. He recently told the media that a lot of virus experts are baffled by the weird qualities that the Zika virus displays in people infected with the disease.

For instance, doctors in Tahiti discovered that the Zika virus was easier to detect in salvia than in blood when an outbreak of the virus ran rampant on the islands in 2013 and 2014. The Tahiti researchers found Zika in the blood of 28 percent of the patients with Zika like symptoms, but the researchers discovered genetic material in the saliva of 57 percent of the patients tested.

That discovery lead the researchers to believe that blood tests were not the best way to identify Zika. For some reason, the virus doesn’t enter the bloodstream of some infected individuals. Dr. Cortes posted an article about the Zika virus on his website, and he said the only way to identify the virus in the field is by observing the symptoms. But the virus is often confused with the chikungunya and dengue virus because the symptoms are similar in the field.

When urine samples are sent to the lab from infected Brazilians, the virus is showing up there as well. Dr. Cortes said urine sample were positive 10 days after the start of symptoms, and that is a lot longer than the visual symptoms last. He said the urine test seems to be the best way to confirm the virus.

The other alarming fact is Zika is found in the amniotic fluid in unborn babies. The amniotic fluid is made up of the urine produced by the fetus. That finding lead Cortes and other medical experts to the assumption that the Zika virus and microcephaly are related. That assumption was never made in any of the other countries that have reported cases of the Zika virus in the past.

When Cortes and his team realized there could be a strong relationship between Zika and microcephaly, the world went into panic mode. Pregnant women were told to avoid mosquito bites, and new research project began to find a vaccine to combat the virus. Dr. Cortes thinks a vaccine could be developed faster than normal because of the sense of urgency that surrounds the project.

Visit Dr. Cortes on LinkedIn for more Zika updates. Facebook Users can like Cortes and his posts there. And Twitter users follow his Zika virus tweets on a regular basis.

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George Soros: A Failing European Union With Few Options

George Soros has written 14 books, as well as countless essays and articles about the society, economy and politics. Soros has also founded his own foundations, the Open Society Foundations, which works to achieve human rights, government transparency and an open society.

Before George Soros got into philanthropy and writing, he was in finance. Soros attended the London School of Economics and then used his degree in the United States where he formed his own international investment fund, Soros Fund Management. George Soros had incredible success in the financial world and his success has only continued.

But before founding his own fund or going to the London School of Economics, Soros was a jewish boy growing up in Budapest. His family survived through both years of Nazi occupation and then years of communist domination. Soros credits this experience as to why he is now in philanthropy and cares so passionately about creating more open societies.

Soros recently sat down with the New York Book Review and discussed his opinions and predictions in regard to politics and society in the European Union. One of the main issues he talked about was the refugee crisis that is currently plaguing Europe.

Soros recommended that the European Union needs a much more comprehensive plan than just the asylum policy that Angela Merkel put in place. It was a good start but member states are still too concerned with their own interests. A more comprehensive plan would place more governance over the influx of asylum seekers, making it more orderly, safer and at a rate that Europe can absorb them effectively. But the real key is that the plan can not just be for inside of Europe’s borders, it needs to extend past that so that individuals wanting to seek asylum are safe and are not wasting money.

Soros’ foundation developed a plan with six points that would protect asylum seekers. Hungary’s President also created a plan but the point was to protect the country’s borders. Unfortunately, President Orban’s plan would force refugees to rush to and flood Europe before they close the borders. Soros’ plan would take facilities to where the refugees are. His plan is for the whole of Europe and would help to control the entire continent’s borders, rather than just individual countries.

The true key that Soros is advocating for in his plan is for the European Union to come together during this challenge and to fight for human rights and the liberties enjoyed in Europe. If Europe does not band together and start addressing these issues as a team, the union will not be able to last for much longer.

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FreedomPop Expanding Global Services

FreedomPop first made a name for itself by offering inexpensive mobile phone services to customers within the United States. Since making a footprint in the U.S., it has set out on a quest to offer discounted services throughout the world. This includes similar services in the U.K. and in southeast Asia. Now, the goal is to change the trend of international calling. Attempting to call someone from an international location is often rather expensive. With the exasperated prices charged by a mobile phone carrier, this can quickly become one of the most expensive areas of an international trip. That is where FreedomPop wants to change things though. The company is all about offering reduced priced services, which is exactly why the company is now set to offer a global hotspot SIM service.

The initial offering is going to cost $49.99. This covers 25 different nations around the world, focused primarily in North America and Europe. For customers who want to save money now is the time to jump on, as it is expected to jump in price to $99.99 by the end of the year. This is to help set up the expanded network, which will cover over 40 countries, including those in Asia and Latin America.

So what does an individual receive in terms of services inside of these nations? They are going to be granted 200 MB worth of data, every single month. If someone wants more data? They just need to pay $10 for 500 MB more. This way, it is possible to make calls, send text messages and to log online. While 200 MB might not be enough for heavy Internet usage, the option is always there and the inexpensive additional data makes it possible to access the Internet throughout the world with the FreedomPop services.

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Kyle Bass Turns from Superstar to Thief to Make Returns

In 2006, Kyle Bass, founder of Dallas-based hedge fund Hayman Capital Management, made a fortune, when he correctly called the collapse of the subprime mortgage market. For a short period of time, he was a superstar. Many people felt that he was a genius investor who could do no wrong.

Well, since that time, Bass has not had another genius ideas. His hedge fund has lost money and he has lost investors. In an effort to have another major windfall, he has been pulling tricks in order to manipulate the markets. The market he is currently targeting is the drug and pharmaceutical market.

He never passes up an opportunity to go on television and make predictions in an effort to cause the markets to swing his way. In addition to making bad market moves, he had hooked up with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. She is the widow of former Argentine president Nestor Kirchner. She herself was President of Argentina from 2007 to 2015. She is said to have been the worst thing to ever happen to the Argentine economy. She and her cronies completely ripped off the Argentine people.

UsefulStooges have shown that Kyle Bass has gone on television and blamed the owners of General Motors automobiles for causing the problems with non-deploying airbags and faulty power steering, saying they were either drunk or not wearing their seat belts. He owned shares of GM at the time.
Bass together with Erich Spangenberg, picks out pharmaceutical firms, short-sells their stocks, and then tries to have their drug patents reversed. They use a front company, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, whose claimed goal is to protect consumers from overpriced drugs. The company is a fraud. The stocks drop, allowing Bass and Spangenberg cover their short positions at a profit. In the long run this causes many pharmaceutical companies to forgo research for new drugs, harming millions of people who need them. The Patent Trial and Appeals Board is trying sanction Bass.

It is a shame that Bass does not use his mental skills to predict real trends, rather than using under handed tricks to make money.

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Manse On Marsh: Finding A Good Assisted Living Facility

Are you concerned about the safety of an elderly parent or relative who is struggling to live on their own? Do you want to find the perfect assisted living community for your loved one? Whether your search for assisted living is prompted by a serious medical condition or the desire for a lifestyle change, Manse On Marsh can help you.

Finding the best senior community or assisted living facility shouldn’t be a difficult task. But you need to do your home work and find out about amenities and services before making a choice. There are so many assisted living facilities out there that it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide which one is perfect for your needs.

Specializing in providing suitable assisted living facilities for seniors and individuals with special needs, the goal of Manse On Marsh that has led to so many awards is to help concerned families find a comfortable living situation to safeguard the welfare of their loved ones.

Manse On Marsh is a well known assisted living facility, providing a vast range of amenities and services that help seniors enjoy a comfortable living. Manse On Marsh has been around for many years and is considered one of the best senior living facilities in the United States. Manse On Marsh has numerous residents and families that are extremely satisfied with the quality of amenities and services provided to them.

Senior Housing Net shows that assisted living communities are perfect for those elders who want an independent lifestyle but who may need assistance with some everyday activities. In these communities, seniors feel like they are independent and have the peace of mind knowing that their specific daily needs are provided.

Most assisted living communities and senior housing facilities also provide housekeeping, Alzheimer’s care, access to health services, an emergency call system, staff available for personal needs, 24-hour security, personal laundry service, medication management, exercise programs, and social and recreational activities.

The decision to move your elderly parent or relative to a senior housing or assisted living community is an emotional one. But for many seniors, it’s a necessary one. Although some people do not know how to go about finding the right facility for their loved one, if you consult a reliable assisted living facility you will find the process easier and quicker.

Manse On Marsh’s blog shows how they can provide you with the help and advice you need to choose the right living community for your loved one. Manse On Marsh has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals and senior care advisors and can help you find the perfect senior community for your elderly family member.

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Dr Sergio Cortes Searches The Flooded Areas for Clues

Last Sunday the State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes found himself and his evaluation team deep into the flooded regions of Duque de Caxias state. In a small convoy with his evaluation team will search for and document large areas of contaminated water to be scheduled for disinfection by his team and by unity volunteer that have been deployed in this fight.Extra.Globo recently caught up with Dr. Cortes and he explained to them about his comprehensive plans for curtailing this Brazilian health crisis.

Dr. Sergio Cortes explained on Linked in how the Aedes aegypti mosquito blamed for much of the widespread transmission of the Zika virus. And that’s only one of the health problems facing the region. Due to the extremely heavy rains in the Xerém, Duque de Caxias area of serious health dilemma has commenced. The issue comes from several factors including the fact that there are large amounts of garbage that has not been picked up since the flooding. This adds to the problem because of the fact that there have been many instances of contaminated freestanding water. Dr. Cortes is advocating a proactive approach to the situation by going after the population of Aedes aegypti while disinfecting the waters simultaneously with the use of chemicals like sodium hypochlorite that will be able to disinfect water and kill mosquito larvae at the same time.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health and the central Brazilian government have included 220,000 troops throughout the country to help with that the contamination efforts and to help with the dispensing of bottles of water. Dr. Sergio Cortes on twitter and the state Department of Health have also arranged for 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite should be given to local residents so they may use them in their reservoir tanks. Citizens are also encouraged to join volunteer groups that are also helping eradicate the deadly mosquito.

The Zika virus has been spreading with increasing speed and Brazil is trying to fight back by eradicating the Aedes aegypti mosquito is to blame for the transmission of the disease that is expected to infect up to 4 million people in South America alone. One of the nastiest aspects of the Zika virus is that it has been linked to almost 4000 children born with severe birth defects since only 2014 and almost 3800 of the births were in 2015

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