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My thoughts on the recent chaos in Venezuela

Historically, Venezuela was never a wealthy country compared to the United States.
In the recent months, Venezuela is in some serious crisis as people are running out of food, electricity, water, and other basic resources for survival.

United States has always been the country that stands for justice and prosperity for all, whether it’s through military force or diplomatic agreements.

However, Danilo Diaz Granados thinks when I watch the news on the television or online, I never hear or read about Venezuela. There is almost zero coverage on channels like Fox News or CNN. Why? How come we are so quick to point out the terrorist attacks, but no one ever hears about the Venezuela crisis?

Our country was supposedly helping the Middle East by “liberating” them. Why can’t the government do something to help the people in Venezuela, a neighboring country, by providing food or supply? Quite frankly, the US government doesn’t even do enough to help the poor people in its own land.

Diaz Granados believes that as one of the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest country in the world, the United States needs to help Venezuelans from suffering. Isn’t freeing people from mistreatment by the government an action of justice as well?


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Talk Fusion For Everyone

There are a lot of options when looking at video chats for your home. You may think you need to pay a lot of money for the chat, but you don’t have to. Talk Fusion is one of the many video chats, but they are one of the best.

What is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion is a video chat that is geared for anyone who wants to chat with a friend or other person. The program works with most tablets and sometimes computer systems. It enables you to talk to others in the same area or in another one that you may not get to see very often.

Why Talk Fusion?

There are several reasons you may want to use Talk Fusion for your chat needs. The biggest is so you can talk to family or friends that are far from you. This is even better for families that have many miles between them. This way they can feel like they are in the same room even though they are further than they could drive to see each other.

How it Works?

There are several ways this chat can work for you. The biggest being you can use it inside an email to send videos to friends and family. this is good for you if you are not able to connect at the same time to use a real time chat. You also can chat with the real time chat option because it will allow you to talk to your family directly.

There are a lot of options when looking at different chat programs, but the biggest chat may be the best. Talk Fusion is one of those and can work for you to talk to those around you or in a different area of the world. You should take your time and make sure it’s right for you so you can be happy with it and know all your needs are met.

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Skyrocket your sales with Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is committed to their vision, “It’s our business to grow your business”. They provide better customer relations, a better brand, and a stronger business. Talk Fusion is the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution. A single package include:

Video Email and Newsletters
Live meetings (up to 500 attendees)
Live chat
Sign up forms

You get this complete starting at only $25.00 per month. You can receive a 30-day free trial and upgrade at any time.

Who is Talk Fusion?

The team includes artists, IT experts, marketing specialists, and software developers. Together they will guide and support you in getting the most out of your business and generating more profits. Whether you are a mom-and-pop small business, larger company, home-based, or none profit Talk Fusion can help you customize your brand. They accomplish this with face to face training and marketing resources.

Who started Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is the creator and CEO. Mr. Reina saw the potential of video communications a decade ago and sought out to make it an everyday option. He goes by the old selling adage, find a need and then fill it. He started out his career as a police officer while attending classes at the University of Florida. He has always had a great passion for marketing and came by the idea of Talk Fusion by chance. Back in 2004, he was completing a virtual tour of a house he was thinking of purchasing and tried to send a clip to his family. He was told that was not possible so Mr. Reina planned on making the impossible possible.

Bob Reina wakes up at 5:30 in the morning so he can be off and ready for his day. He has learned how to manage his time so that everything can fall more neatly into place with both his business and family life. But he always leaves time to help out a poor widow in distress and bring his pets to work. However, his true passion is working with his Talk Fusion associates in helping entrepreneurs think bigger and drive harder toward success.

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How to Use a Proper Investment Bank Like Laidlaw & Company

For anyone who has ever invested, you know how risky and tricky it can be for you to make a good decision without knowing about it first. Hiring an investment bank and firm on for this specific purpose is often a wonderful idea and can be just what you need to change the outlook to all of the investments that you have ever made. Be sure to consider a good company like Laidlaw & Company that has been around for quite awhile and can change the way that you feel about the types of investments you make.

A great company to choose for all investment needs is Laidlaw & Company. This is an investment bank that has helped thousands over the course of the years since their inception and they continue to grow and expand to be one of the largest investment banks in the country. Because of their expertise on wsj and experience in the field, it is no surprise that a lot of people are choosing Laidlaw & Company for themselves and having fantastic luck with their decision. This can be just what you need to change the way you feel about your investments as well.

For anyone who has ever made a bad investment decision, Laidlaw & Company can change this for you and allow you to see just how beneficial it is for you to invest your money and use a great company to keep track of everything. From their online site to their local branches, Laidlaw & Company is a great choice for those looking to invest. You will notice that this helps tremendously and can change your investment strategy over the course of time. This is ideal for anyone who is tired of losing money to their investments and just wants to know that they are making the right choice for them.

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Beneful: Popular Dog Food Line Is In the Spotlight Once Again

Most people with pets know that the latest trend in pet food is to give dogs foods that have recognizable ingredients. A number of consumer surveys show that pet owners think of their dogs as furry members of the family, so it only stands to reason that these individuals want their pets to eat foods that are similar to human meals.
Beneful is one of the popular pet food brands that has been at the center of controversy lately. Beneful falls under the Nestle PurinaStore PetCare umbrella and was introduced to the market in 2001. It is one of the top-selling dog food brands in America, and more than 14 million dogs eat Beneful products each year.

Wikipedia content writers and bloggers have recently criticized for some of the ingredients it contains, such as propylene glycol. This ingredient is often confused with the dangerous substance ethylene glycol, which is found in anti-freeze and is toxic to dogs. Propylene glycol is included in human and dog food, and has been approved by the FDA. However, propylene glycol is not found in cat food. People have also criticized the fact that Beneful has harmful dyes. The dyes are visually appealing to humans, but don’t matter to dogs, since pets are not concerned with what their food looks like. Some critics have even said that there are mycotoxins in Beneful products, which can also be found in other pet foods. The European Union and the FDA allow small levels of mycotoxins in pet foods, since the toxins are present in certain crops and are not deemed a health concern.

These concerns were made public in early 2015 when plaintiffs filed a class action suit against Nestle Purina because of the ingredients in Beneful.

The case is still pending, according to Nestle Purina PetCare. Class action lawyer have changed the allegations several times. Almost one-third of the plaintiffs in the case have also withdrawn from litigation. Nestle Purina PetCare states that the class action attorneys in the case have not produced any test results, reports from veterinarians or other evidence to prove that Beneful is harmful to dogs. As a result, Nestle does not plan to settle the case. The full article can be found on

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Mark Sparks Believes Business Success Relies on Quality Customer Service

Unruly customer service can cause businesses of all sizes to lose thousands to millions of dollars in sales and revenue. Mark Sparks knows the importance of genuine and quality service and the impact it may have on companies and retailers in terms of growth financially and economically.

He says poor customer service causes customers to abandon businesses and seek service or products elsewhere. Customers are gained and kept for a life time when sales, shipping and customer service are perfected. The worst things that could happen when a customer is unsatisfied are the possibility of returning the product, cancellation of order, and/or loss of the customer permanently.

Mr. Sparks said that “it’s difficult to determine the exact value of quality customer service.″ He has witnessed businesses spending $10,000 and up to attract customers and neglect the existing customer who received bad customer service after the sale of a product or service.

The goal should be to gain customers and keep them long term. Companies must concentrate on service during the initial & final sale and possible complaints. According  to Citrite, Marc Sparks has years of experience in the customer service area after owning businesses in the restaurant and auto insurance industries.

Customer service and sales personnel require training to learn proper etiquettes while caring for the needs of customers in-person, on-line, and over the phone. One of the most important lessons taught to personnel is how to greet customers.More can be seen by clicking this link: What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From A Presentation

Most unhappy customers are upset and may display attitudes when reaching out to customer service representatives. When a customer is greeted with respect and enthusiasm, it will provide calmness to that customer to communicate effectively his or her complaint. Customer service representatives are trained to be attentive to customers and to be good listeners.

Mark Sparks is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Timber Creek Capital, LP, a privately owned equity firm in Texas. Mr. Sparks career began over 30 years ago as an entrepreneur and has expanded since then. He offers entrepreneurs services to start new businesses and strategies to generate revenue.

Timber Creek Capital provides the capital for starting up companies, marketing, website development, legal expenses, office space, and equipment. The firm also handles the accounting, graphic arts, customer service recommendations, personnel support, and banking needs.

Timber Creek Capital is located in Addison, near Dallas, Texas. Mark Sparks manages companies in the real estate and telecommunication industries. He is an author, successful entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

His contributions for charity causes, including homelessness, education, and affordable housing are recognized in Dallas and surrounding areas.

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