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George Soros Wants Britain To Remain In the EU

George Soros has joined many of the most important influencers on the planet and stated his strong support for the United Kingdom staying in the European Union (EU). He especially wanted to make a stand in the controversial issue. Soccer star David Beckham and wife Victoria also support staying in the EU. Thursday is the big vote. Saying, “Brits don’t quit,” Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, commented emphatically.

Pointing out that Britain leaving the EU’s combined 28 countries would badly injure British living standards, which will cause the nation’s money value to plummet. This would be a replay of Black Wednesday 24 years ago. George Soros feels the pound may drop as much as 20 percent, but he is sure it will at least drop 15 percent. Soros gave out these comments during an interview with the Guardian daily newspaper.

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Brexit and the Future of Europe

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

It was in 1992 Britain’s currency value dropped 15 percent after the country left the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. In an address to the UK on Tuesday, David Cameron urged older citizens to vote ‘no’ in the referendum vote, because their children’s future is on the line. The Beckhams echoed that they are concerned for the welfare of their children and their grandchildren. They feel that Europe will fare better in the future united than to return to a divided state.

In Prime Minister Cameron’s speech that he made outside his official residence at No. 10 Downing Street, he made the point that the decision would probably be permanent. He said the hopes and dreams of future generations hung in the balance. George Soros believes there will be no corresponding rise in exports manufacturing, as happened in the similar situation way back in 1992. He says Britain leaving the EU would cause the British pound to drop to about the same value as the euro. In effect it is one way they would actually ‘join the euro’ in a de facto way.

This is the situation in which Soros originally made $1.1 billion USD in 1992 by investing in shorting British currency with his Quantum Fund. He was taking into account a finance system designed to lower exchange rate volatility, called the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. This day became known as the Black Wednesday in the finance world. Read the details of the story in USA Today.

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SEC Whistleblowers Need Representation

In the year 2010 the Dodd-Frank Act was passed in order to more heavily regulate the securities industry. However there are still times when individuals and companies violate securities laws and therefore legal action is often required to address this. Whether you are a victim of securities law violations or are just looking to report such a violation that you know of, it is often in your best interest to use the services of a SEC whistleblower attorney. These are specialized lawyers who have lots of expertise in providing representation as well as litigation in cases that deal with securities laws.

Anyone who is looking to get legal counsel as well as becoming a SEC whistleblower will want to seek assistance from the law firm Labaton Sucharow. This firm is one of the few that specialize in securities law disputes and therefore is an ideal source for anybody looking to report securities law violations as well as seek litigation in any disputes. With a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyer, Labaton Sucharow will have the ability to successfully address a case pertaining to securities law violations. This firm is currently led by Jordan Thomas who has lots of experience in this aspect of law. Before he became the head of Labaton Sucharow he was actually with the SEC as an assistant director as well as an assistant chief litigation counsel. Therefore he is very familiar with the securities laws and will be very helpful in helpful with SEC whistleblowing.

Labaton Sucharow not only has lawyers that help put together cases, it also has a number of others who participate in preparing cases for the legal team. The firm has a number of investigators, financial analysts and forensic accountants that work together to help the lawyers organize a case. These professionals will evaluate the client’s claims and then research information about companies and individuals who may have committed securities law violations. After their work is done they will then be able to inform the legal team that the claims are accurate and therefore determine that there is a legitimate case. In order to receive assistance from Labaton Sucharow, clients will want to contact the firm and then receive a free consultation from one of the lawyers.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Combines Leadership & Technology As Coriant’s New CEO


Shaygan Kheradpir joined the Coriant team at the end of September in 2015. He entered company as the Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman and so far his contributions as CEO have been nothing but positive. Shaygan worked up-close for the company before signing on as CEO by working closely with the senior management team of Coriant while he was at Marlin Equality Partners earlier in the year serving as an Operating Partner.

While he worked closely with Coriant prior to his new role, Shaygan now will be able to leverage some power in his new role tackling strategic planning and operations at a new level. Coriant is a leading supplier of solutions to network operators that operate globally in over 100 countries. Shaygan appears to be the logical choice to spearhead the company as a solutions provider given that he has a lengthy background working within the world of technology and business. His move into the leadership role will no doubt help the company strengthen its ability to provide various technological solutions that will drive further growth of the company.

The hyper-scale data center is composed of an amazing web of cloud infrastructures and over 100G of metro built outs, which makes it in high demand of a leader that has a highly technical background. The company is ready for leadership that can help spearhead new innovative data intensive applications that will help end users streamline businesses.

Shaygan will be taking the role of the CEO away from DiPetro who will step down and serve as the Vice Chairman for the company. While in charge DiPetro was able to help build Coriant’s portfolio and integration measures, but now the time has come to focus on the best way to offer new innoviatve networking solutions to their clients.

Shaygan will be just the person for the job as he has spent more than 28 years working in executive positions within the fields of telecom, technology, and financial services industries. He will bring together his leadership skills and his technical skills to help build stronger optical solutions for Coriant along with cost effective networking solutions that will allow the company to offer more agility and automation to clients.

It was also revealed that Shaygan has been working closely with Coriant’s management in his capacity at Marlin Equity Partners. Therefore, he will have all prerequisite information on the company profile.

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Brian Bonar: More Than Just Awards

Throughout his almost thirty-year career in Finance, Brian Bonar has received many, many awards. In fact, throughout his office, you are sure to find plenty of them all over the place. He has earned each and every one of them and he is proud of all of them.

They mean something. They are an accomplishment. Anytime you get acknowledged by others, it is special and it is nothing to sneeze at, that is for sure. He recently received an award that is quite special to him, without a shadow of a doubt.

That is the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. Only two men and two women receive this award, so he is in rarefied air.

However, he is most proud of what the award represents and what it stands for. He is happy with the award, but the award shows that he is a CEO and a leader that knows how to reach people and how to connect with them.

That isn’t always the easiest thing to do in today’s world. Every employee needs a different type of treatment and a different type of care. Brian Bonar has always prided himself on being a people person.

To him, they are more than just employees on his payroll. They are important to him and he cares about them as individuals and cares about their families. If he can help or do anything, he is there to do it. Read more: Brian Bonar | Whitepages and Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service

One of the three things that the award looks to when it gives it out is leadership. It means everything and more to him to have his employees look up to him, admire him, and respect him. It also looks at education.

All of those years in school and all of the hard work has paid off. Brian Bonar has always stressed education and how much you can learn in a classroom. He has a Ph.D. after all and those aren’t easy to come by. They require years of schooling and lots of sacrifices.

His longevity also speaks to what he has done in the world of Finance. He considers himself a man of high moral fiber and has great respect for everyone he deals with, each and every day. He doesn’t treat anyone differently based on their status.

You don’t last almost thirty-years without knowing how to adapt to the times, to the people, and to the Finance world. He has always been willing to make the changes to adjust to what is happening.

This is not a stubborn man or someone set in his ways. He is flexible, open-minded, and open to ideas from everyone. Brian Bonar knows he can’t do it all by himself and sometimes you need help and you never know where that help might come from.

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Beneful Dog Food is a Great Choice!

PurinaStore Beneful dog food consists of an abundance of variety, including dry dog food such as Healthy Weight and Playful Life, as well as wet dog food such as Mediterranean Style Medley and Chicken Stew. Purina Beneful also makes treats such as Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. Beneful dry dog food Healthy Weight is made with real chicken, whole grains, and vegetables but with 10% fewer calories that their Beneful Originals with Real Beef recipe! Beneful dry dog food Playful Life is a high protein recipe that is made for active adult dogs. It consists of real beef, egg, as well as blueberries and spinach. Beneful wet dog food Mediterranean Style Medley keeps your dog happy and healthy with a recipe that is made with real lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. Beneful’s wet dog food [] Chicken Stew recipe is a more basic recipe made with real chicken, rice, carrots, peas, and barley. In between your dog’s feeding times with these amazing recipes that your dog will love, you can also make them smile with a treat! Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges dog treats are available in mini, small/medium, and large. They help to keep your dogs mouth clean and freshen their breath by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. These treats work to keep their teeth and bones strong. Purina Beneful has so many different varieties that your dog is sure to have a favorite recipe or even love them all! Not only do they keep your dog happy, but they also work to keep them healthy as well! These products are available online via Amazon.

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Protecting Oneself From Being Doxxed

Due to the many incidences of doxxing in the society, there is a need to improve one’ internet security. Darius Fisher of Status Labs helps restore the online reputation of doxxing victims. Additionally, they provide basic safety guidelines on improving online security and safeguarding one’s online privacy. Status Lab minimizes the potential damage that a client may suffer as a result of being doxxed.

Preventing social network accounts from being doxxed

To protect one’s online privacy, Fisher recommends a set of instructions. The first step is to delete personal data from online databases especially from data brokers who may sell it. Secondly, one should create a custom website with a personal domain name to increase their control over the information about them that is accessible online. Additionally, regular updates on security settings is essential for all online accounts to safeguard them from hackers. Fisher recommends the use of unique passwords on different online platforms and locking the passwords away in the safety of a drawer. Above all, the information posted on social media should not contain sensitive details.

Searching yourself regularly on Google will help you ascertain the information that the public finds about you. A Google search enables one to access information about him available to other internet users provided he is logged out of his goggle account and has cleared his browser history and cookies.

What to do if hacked

Fisher advises that on being hacked, people should not fight back. Instead, they should record any form of harassment, report the matter to security personnel, and then change their passwords and personal contacts.

Darius Fisher

Darius fisher is the co-founder of Status Labs, a company that specializes on helping people manage their online reputation. Status Labs ensures that its client’s online identity is clean by helping them reduce information available online that may compromise their reputation.

Darius Fisher is an expert on issues that relate to doxxing and has a vast experience in solving digital crises. To sensitize people on online privacy and security, he holds conferences centering on the significance of internet security.

Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to learn more.

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Class Dojo Is Helping Parents And Teachers Become More Engaged With Students

Class Dojo is a communication platform that is changing the way students, teachers, and parents are able to communicate with one another. This special program not only allows families to engage their kids, but teachers as well. Within the classroom, teachers can use the app for Class Dojo in order to connect with any of their students and offer feedback and encouragement, showing their skills in teamwork, critical thinking, leadership, and skill development. Many schools prefer the use of Class Dojo over other programs.

The program allows teachers to send videos, pictures, stickers, and text messages directly to a students parent with ease. This allows parents to experience moment along with their kids while they are learning every day. Class instructors are also able to submit posts to Class Story, which is a private news feed of specific moments that happen in the classroom. This is only available to parents and verified teachers.

Over the past decade, learning platforms have continued to develop to impressive levels in order to help teachers and parents use more effective techniques. Many kids needs the engagement of their parents to fully develop and Class Dojo is the perfect tool for making this possible. The Class Dojo platform supports 35 different languages and allows parents to view the profile of their child. Parents can take part in this app by receiving an invitation directly from the instructor, however they can only see the progress of their own children.

Students are also able to take part in the program by making an account on Class Dojo to keep tabs on their progress. Just like parents, students will need to be invited by their teachers in order to get connected. The program is safe and easy for kids, and children under the age of 13 have to get consent from their parents before a variety of features are available to them. Students can view the feedback given by their teachers among other things. No personal information other than a students age is required.

Class Dojo also allows school officials to take part in the program by sharing things on the School Story board. Only the parents of these classes are able to view this board. The officials will have the ability to see the schools activity and feedback on Class Dojo.

The Class Dojo program is a tested and proven way of helping teachers and parents become more engage with their students. Parents get to follow up on results and students get the positive feedback they need. This program helps create a more positive environment within school classrooms with a bigger emphasis on community effort.


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Securus Technologies Improves Inmate Communication

The most advanced “big data” tool has arrived for Securus Technologies, which is sure to improve inmate communication around the continent. It’s called THREADS 3.1, and it’s ready to make a lot of things easier for anyone involved in communication, especially inmates and their family and friends.

Watch the Youtube campaign video here:

You’ll be sure to appreciate that this fabulous interface can make a lot of things easier, if you work in corrections, and if you’re an inmate, it will make your life simpler, too. It’s built off of HTML 5, and you’ll love how quickly you can scan from place to place with the new secure software, which is a platinum-standard technology.

Securus has been serving inmates and their law enforcement officers for years, and this makes it easier to work with both. They can make analysis and investigation easier for everyone involved, and they can make inmate phone calls better-timed and able to work on time for everyone on the line. You’re sure to appreciate how easy it is to call out.

This product, THREADS 3.1, as reported b PR Newswire also allows inmate communication to be integrated: Secure Call Platform can connect to it, and it works like a charm in a number of ways. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with Securus Technologies, and you’re sure to love what the end result is for all involved.