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Stepping Up After A Rebuilding Reputation Crisis

When an online reputation management company finds itself having to rebuild its own reputation after collateral damages; it’s an eye opener. This is the exact position that Darius Fisher, Co-Founder and President of Status Labs found himself in suddenly. It seems that a top executive maintained a controversial image outside of work, which negatively affected Status Labs when the media got wind of it.

After the unwanted media attention started to die down a bit, Status Labs was left with nothing else, except start over and do everything better. What an ironic twist after successfully managing the reputation and online identity of thousands of clients. Darius and Status Labs faced the same dilemma of rebuilding their own online brand, with an end result in mind.

Initially, Fisher was shocked and he didn’t know what could be done to rebuild the reputation and status of his own firm. Then, the other employees got together and demanded the resignation of the executive in question. As expected, there was a great deal of media fallout, but under the guidance of new leadership, Status Labs strengthened its foundation. The firm added new employee incentives, including a stock purchase option and a weekly catered luncheon.

Status Labs specializes in online reputation management. Based in Austin, Texas, with additional offices in Brazil and New York. The firm also offers Search Engine Optimization, Financial Communications, Website Development and Social Media Marketing, and Crisis Response and Public Relations. Status Labs maintains a positive image internationally and is known for handling reputation crises for high profile clients. As a public relations liaison, they rebuild and repair damaged reputations.

In 2015, Status Labs’ President, Darius Fisher was recognized by PRWeek, as one of the rising stars of the digital communications and public relations industry. After facing its own rebuilding and re-branding crisis, Status Labs is now thriving once again. Fisher took the damage and turned it into something positive; even allowing the company’s employees to bring their dogs to work. Thanks to successfully repairing its own reputation; Status Labs can assuredly provide even greater image management services to its clients.

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Reasons why IAP Worldwide offer the best services to their clients

IAP Worldwide Services has been in existence for more than 60 years offering a broad range of services to its clients located in different parts of the globe. The firm has been expanding to other regions so as to cater for its customers located in various areas of the world.

The entity has a workforce of 2500 people who have played a significant role in promoting the brand of the firm on multiple platforms.

IAP Worldwide Services has employed well-skilled personnel who can provide the best to their clients. Apart from employees executing their daily activities they have also helped a lot in making our communities better.

Most of them always volunteer to take part in community events and they also offer their skills to other firms which would like to be supported as they provide their services to the local people.

IAP Worldwide Services understand the importance of human capital and so, it has invested in it. The business has empowered its employees by providing knowledge and healthy working environment which optimize the output of each worker.

Their main aim is to provide solutions to their clients and so, make the world a more habitable place for everyone. With the availability of experts of different sectors, employees can share ideas and thus come up with better decisions.   Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: and

The entity is currently planning to offer engineering services to its customers. The infrastructure and systems to support the new segment will be rolled out over the next 45 years. The company will provide a number of utilities in this section including the following airport master planning, engineering services, and contraction management.

This will help the firm to diversify its source of income thus, making it spread risk when undertaking their daily activities.

Over the years the company has built an excellent reputation because of the high-quality services and products they offer to their clients by providing other utilities they will be able to monetize their brand to its maximum thus, creating a good amount of revenue to the company.

Keeping in mind the entity has been in the industry for more than 60 years, the firm us in a better position of offering better utility and products mainly because they understand what clients expect from them.

Apart from that the business has been evolving with the industry thus has learned a lot and so it’s in a better position of adopting a change in clients taste and preference.

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The Successful Davos Financial Group

David Osio is the Executive Director and Founder of Davos Financial Group. Osio earned his law degree from Catholic University Andres Bello in Venezuela. He worked as the Director of MGO law firm in Caracas. At this job Osio offered legal advice to many corporate businesses. He has also studied at IESA (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración) and the New York Institute of Finance. These universities focused on legal and banking. With this knowledge he quickly became the manager at the Private Banking Division of Latino International Bank (BLI) in Miami. Less than two years later, Osio became Commercial Banking’s Vice President. David’s hands on knowledge and business and leadership skills helped expand the company. With goal to meet the individual demands of each client the David has become a huge success story. He guarantees the best in service quality, confidentiality and investment platform. The bank now works international. David decided to branch off and start his own business. He founded Davos Financial Group in 1993. Mr. Osio supports charities like the Wayuu Taya Foundation and Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Venezuela. He is a member of The Miami Symphony Orchestra as well.

Davos Financial Group goal was to provide comprehensive financial advice to their clients. Davos Financial Group target is to be licensed in each of the jurisdictions from which to operate and maintain brokering agreements with banks respected worldwide. The company also provides advice on asset allocation and risk analysis. They provide reports consolidated investment and much more. The company has offices in Geneva, Lisbon, New York, Miami and Panama City. Davos Financial Group is so great they were recognized as Venezuela’s first comprehensive financial advisory firm.

Davos also started a real estate company. Davos Real Estate Group was formed to provide an integrated prime commercial and residential offering. This is done by operating in key hubs across the globe and evolving in time. The company is driven by the passion. Davos offers a complete suite of real estate services. Their goal is to meet each client’s need from sales and rentals, to mortgage, new developments and title insurance. The business interaction of asset management and high-end properties is a great combination the started a huge success.

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Sanjay Shah Organizes Autism Rocks Show in Dubai

Concerts and musical festivals are usually performed for the not-too-surprising purpose of having fun. A recent music festival took place in Dubai and a host of big names performed. Yes, those who attended surely can say they had a lot of fun. The attendees can also point out they did more than just had fun. The attendees attendees took part in a great ongoing cause.

The cause is raising funds and awareness towards autism research. Sanjay Shah Denmark organized the Dubai event as part of his Autism Rocks charitable endeavor. The Gulf News reported on the event, an event that turned out to be a big hit.

Rappers Flo Rida and Tyga performed at the show and their enthusiasm captivated the crowd. Sanjay Shah can feel confident he was done more good for autism research, a personal cause of his. One of Shah’s children was diagnosed with autism and Shah, being a very passionate and proactive person, choose to do his part to help others with the condition.

Shah’s entire life is one of continued success. Early in his professional career, he felt he could do more. He would go on and become a major player with the investment firm Solo Capital, a company he founded. Based out of the United Kingdom, Solo Capital would go on to great global prominence. The same can be said of Autism Rocks, a charitable venture that launched its first concept in 2015 and featured Prince.

So far, as Gulf News reports, Autism Rocks has raised £600,000 thanks to numerous concerts featuring some truly major names in the entertainment industry. The entertainers appearing at the recent Dubai show were chosen because they have a unique connection to young persons. By drawing in more younger people, the concert can create a new generation of activists who are knowledgeable about the cause of autism research.

The concerts organized and run by Shah do a lot for raising awareness. News reports focusing on the concert reveal to the public there is important work that has to be done in the world of autism research. Even those who do not attend the concerts may choose to donate to the cause after learning about it.


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Start Shopping Smarter With Slyce Visual Search

Have you ever wondered how shopping online could be any easier? It is nice to have the convenience of being able to get all of your shopping done without leaving your home or stopping at a store on the way back from the office. If you are like most people, then you like online shopping and the advanced ways we can shop online because you are living a busy life and do not have the free time to go shopping. You want to spend your free time away from the office and away from crowded shopping centers with your family because those are the moments of life that truly matter.

Shopping Online Is a Better Alternative To Going To Stores In Real Life

Why is shopping online so popular among all types of people? Young generations like online shopping because it makes it easier to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. It is always easier to buy what your favorite celebrities are wearing on the red carpet and in your favorite films when you can search online. However, it is not always that simple. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find what you want to buy online. There are often long stretches of wasted time when you are looking for your purchases. Those long stretches are wasted time. Don’t waste time with traditional online buying when you can use advanced technology to find exactly what you are looking for thanks to Slyce.

Slyce is the leading innovator in the world of online product recognition. Thanks to Slyce we can simply take a picture of what we want to purchase when it is right in front of us. Slyce makes it easy to find exactly what you want every time you try to buy something online. Get away from the shopping centers, stay away from the long lines that seem to go on for miles. Download Slyce on your device today to get up to date with modern shopping technologies.

Slyce has recently updated their software that users use to buy things online to make it even more sophisticated when you are looking for your purchases. Purchasing products online in the past was quite difficult. Slyce came along and made the online shopping industry a million times better with their advances product recognition software that works with any smart phone’s camera on the user’s personal device.

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DeVos Impact Can be Felt World Wide.

Dick DeVos (born Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr., October 21, 1955), is not just a businessman or an entrepreneur, he is also a political activist and a generous philanthropist. He was lucky to be born into corporate royalty, as the son of the Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. Dick later went on to serve as the CEO of Amway from 1993 until 2002, which is a major distributor of consumer goods. A few years later, in 2006, Richard went on to run for the Governor’s office of his home state of Michigan, but ultimately lost the race to the democrat Jennifer Granholm. Additionally, DeVos has served as the CEO of the professional basketball team The Orlando Magic, which he acquired in 1991.

The loss of the Governor’s race did not deter him from progress though. In 2012, Richard was recognized by the famed Forbes Magazine as being the 67th most wealthy man in the United States, citing that he had a net worth at that time of $5.1 billion. Not too shabby.

Richard DeVos has been largely instrumental in various philanthropic entities as well. He currently serves as the president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which has focused on raising funds for civic, artistic, religious, educational, community and free-market economic organizations since 1990. Additionally, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has been making sizeable contributions to ArtPrize, an arts competition, ever since 2009. Their amazing efforts do not stop their though. In 2010, the DeVoses went on to make a contribution of $22.5 million to the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management, resulting in the center being renamed to the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. They have also made significant contributions in Free-market economics, Scholarships, Civic leadership, Grand Action, and Pollution study. It is hard to determine which of the many charitable contributions that DeVos has made is the most valuable or has had the greatest impact. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Scholarship, which was established in 2008, and the Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship have served many students in need in both developed and developing countries. It can be argued that these scholarships are what will hold the greatest impact on the future because they help to empower and shape the world’s future professionals and hopefully philanthropists. Regardless, the DeVos impact can be felt world wide.