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The Frustrations Of Hair Care

While great hair is always admired, the work that goes into taking care of that hair is very time consuming. Also, the effects are not always the same. There are times when no matter what someone does, the hair is going to be in sloppy condition. A lot of that could be due to the chemicals that are in the shampoo or the conditioner. Often times, they are damaging the hair which could result in bad hair day. Therefore, it is important for one to know how to deal with the damage. Another thing one could do is look for a different type of hair care with less damaging chemicals.

One example of hair care is WEN hair by Chaz. Wen is a product line that has different formulas in one bottle mixed together. To make things better, they are made from natural sources. Therefore, there is less likely to be damages done to the hair. In fact, it is said to restore the hair back to a better condition. Not only will the person like the way her hair looks, but others will notice how bouncy and shiny it is. This will bring out the confidence that the person needs.

One lady has tried this product after looking at an infomercial that showed the benefits of the product. She has decided to give it a 7 day trial and report the results on Bustle. She has seen that it does exactly what it says it does. It has also given her the confidence to wear her hair down because of the condition that it is in after the use of the product. She has posted pictures online that showed her hair before and after the use of the product. She is overall very happy with the product and intends to continue using it. Wen hair products are available on Sephora cosmetics stores and on Ebay online.

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Securus Technologies: The 21st Century Correctional Facility Service Provider

The days of prison inmates filling out paperwork for requesting various items or services may soon be coming to an end. Securus Technologies has recently announced the implementation of its “Inmate Forms and Grievance application” on ConnectUs. This application is designed to help correctional facilities save valuable time from “distributing, collecting, routing, logging, responding, copying, filing, archiving and storing forms.” Since Securus Technologies services over 1.2 million inmates across North America and more than 3,450 government and law enforcement agencies, this application will be revolutionary not in only its purpose, but also in its scope.

As a news release from states, “with this application, custom forms for any type of request can be easily created and made available to inmates. If you want to change a form, it takes just minutes and there is no printing involved.” Aside from this main feature, the application also allows correctional facilities to have complete control over all the content prison inmates can access through it. There are many more features such as a “dynamic application display” and a “digital inmate bulletin board” which are a few to mention.

In conclusion, the “Inmate Forms and Grievance application” is a revolutionary application developed by Securus Technologies. The application will modernize the prisons of the 21st century and allow inmates to have access to item, service, and grievance forms within minutes. With this saved time, correctional facilities now can devote it to other important tasks such as prisoner safety. Securus Technologies truly is committed to “serve and connect by providing…monitoring products and services in order to make our world a safer place to live.”

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About IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.

IAP Worldwide is a leader in the provision of global-scale logistics, advanced professional, facilities management, and technical services. The company is proud of its versatile, unique team, which comprises of over 2,000 well-trained, qualified, skilled and experienced employees. IAP Worldwide offers all its services in more than 25 countries around the world. The company strives to solve the most demanding challenges of both its public and private sectors clients. Its wide range of global clientele provides excellent and positive reviews about the company’s services, staff, culture, and time management in its deliveries.

IAP Worldwide makes numerous business acquisitions to help it deliver on is goals. Every acquisition has to go through an extensive background check for certainty. Recently, the company made two substantial acquisitions that will go far in enhancing its timely and excellent service delivery to all its global clients. One of these business acquisitions is the DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS) Aviation and Logistics, which is based in Oklahoma City, OK (A&L). The company provides logistics and mission support services and aircraft repair management. The other acquisition is the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS), which is based in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. A&L. TCNS provides communication support systems, information technology and engineering solutions to the Department of Defense in the US and other agencies.

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As part of the company’s long-term growth, it plans to integrate the unique talents and capabilities of the two acquisitions, TCNS and A&L businesses. These two acquisitions will increase the company’s efficiency as well as facilitate its capabilities to deliver to its worldwide clients. The two businesses will be integrated to form one part of the firm’s services, Aviation & Engineering Solutions. Aside from these significant acquisitions, the company has an impassioned determination to deal with the “unexpected” challenges, which its clients may face. It engages with a broad spectrum of services ranging from overseas battlefields to natural disasters. All this is made possible due to the ability and knowledge of the company to plan, organize, coordinate, and accomplish complex technical and logistics challenges.

IAP Worldwide has an excellent reputation for maintaining, managing, and operating military operations nearly the size of a small city, remote research laboratories, and civilian facilities. For over 60 years that IAP Worldwide has been in business, it has built a reputation for being a reliable and responsive market leader, which meets and exceeds the expectations of the clients. The company has a strong commitment to ethics and corporate compliance. This describes why the company executes all its endeavors in the right, smartest and most efficient way possible.

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Investment Company Launches App That Helps Clients Visualize Real Estate Costs

Known as one of the easiest ways of building wealth, real estate investing also offers investors a relatively safe place for where they can put their money. There are several costs, however, when it comes to purchasing a property for personal or business use.

Individuals have to pay mortgage and insurance costs every month and also pay taxes that cover public utilities like sidewalks and street lights, amongst other expenses. So unless an investor factors in all of the associated costs with real estate, it becomes very difficult to try and estimate any potential profit.

The Davos CAP Calculator

Davos Real Estate Group, a subsidiary of the Davos Financial Group, recently released an application that helps investors do just that. Through the companies newly released Davos CAP Calculator, investors can factor in all of the different costs associated with real estate so they can easily estimate the gain of buying an investment property.

The application development was primarily managed by David Osio, the CEO of Davos Financial Group, and Gerard González, the Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, and is just the beginning of a series of new applications that seeks to connect Davos better with its clients.

David Osio recently said that the company developed the application in response to the challenge of “financially guiding [their] clients when investing in real estate in the United States.” The application launch also mirrors a recent push to expand the real estate side of the company, as there has been a 60% increase in agents on its platform and the development of new real estate partnerships around the world.

David Osio

David Osio founded The Davos Financial Group in Venezuela, in 1993, after successful careers as a lawyer and as an executive of Banco Latino International.

When the company was founded, it only served an elite clientele in David Osio’s home country of Venezuela. Today The Davos Financial Group is now made up of several different companies that each focus on a specific investment avenue.

The collective has offices in several major cities on three different continents and has grown their client base to include a wide variety of investors. The group has also received a myriad of awards for their philanthropic and business practices and are currently trying to increase their digital presence through the development of new online applications.

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Just Fab is Doing Just Fine

There are a lot of businesses that are struggling to make it online or off. While these businesses are closing, Just Fab is hanging on. They may even be doing better than just hanging on.

Doing Things Different

The biggest thing they do different is they offer discounts on the products they sell. They give customers a chance to buy more than one item and get a discount the more they buy. This gives customers a reason to buy more and to help the business itself.

They also offer a lot of products that are useful and that are priced right. This way customers know they are getting some great products for a good price. If customers believe they are getting a good deal, they will keep coming back for more and buy more later.

The Outlook

Businesses need to change the way they do things in order to stay in business. If they are not changing what they are doing, then they may not be able to keep the business going long enough to see a profit. That is why it’s so important to have the things they need in place and a business plan to keep them going for a long time to come.

Just Fab is an online retailer that has been online doing business for a few years. They expect to make a profit in 2016 and later. They also are looking at hiring more help to process the many orders they get every day. While others are closing and letting people go, they are adding to their staff. This says a lot for the people that are running the business and what they sell.  Learn more about JustFab:,%20Inc.

The last thing a business wants is to not make it, but sometimes that is what happens. Anyone that wants to do a great business should think about what they can do to make it different. Just Fab has found a way to make things work for them. Any business can learn from them.

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All You Need to Know About A Whistleblower Attorney

In the year 2010, the Congress enacted the Consumer Protection Act and Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform, the most involving redevelopment firms of the United States financial regulation since the Great Depression. Among the many important reforms, the Dodd-Frank Act came up with a new whistleblower program which provides remarkable financial incentives and employment protections for people to report any possible violations of the federal security laws to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

In a reaction to this legislation, Labaton Sucharow was the first firm in the US to come up with a practice exclusively immersed in advocating and protecting SEC whistleblowers. Building on the company’s market leading securities platform, our Whistleblower Representation Practice uses a world-class in-house team of financial analysts, investigators and forensic accountants who possess state law and federal enforcement experience to offer an unparalleled representation for the whistleblowers. This practice is spearheaded by Jordan A. Thomas, the former Assistant and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel at SEC Division of Enforcement. During his reign at the SEC, Thomas held a leadership role in the formation of the Whistleblower Program, including composing the proposed legislation and the ultimate implementing rules.

Under the rules of this program, the SEC is mandated to pay all its eligible whistleblowers 10% to 30% of the total monetary sanctions collected in a successful enforcement action of any action where the sanction are more than 1 Million Dollars. If the above threshold is achieved, a whistleblower can also be eligible for additional rewards settled on the monetary sanctions received in related actions arising from other law enforcement and regulatory organizations. The Dodd-Frank Act does not permit retaliation by employers against any whistleblower who reports to the SEC in accordance with the program regulations. A whistleblower can also report any possible security violation anonymously if presented by an attorney.

Whistleblowers who inform the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission of any wrongdoing may get a reward if the government enforcement agencies get more than 1 Million US Dollars as a result of their information. All whistleblowers under SEC and CFTC are entitled to job protection.

To learn more about this program, you can contact the team in several ways; by email, phone or the electronic website through the site The first stages of a case evaluation and consultation are free, private and confidential and are guarded by the attorney to client privilege. During these stages, individuals are not required to give personal identifying information or the names of potential securities violators. In addition, translation services are available on request for international whistleblowers.


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Coriant Appoints New CEO

Coriant has made some changes in its management. Just recently, the optical transport company appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as the CEO. Shaygan Kheradpir is a very familiar name in the news. In 2014, he was all over the headlines when he was working as the CEO of Juniper Networks. His tenure as the CEO of the company was quite eventful, and it only lasted for ten months.

Many people thought that this was end for Shaygan. However, in less than one year after he left Juniper, Shaygan is now the man leading Coriant. He will be taking over the top position from Pat DiPietro. Pat will be taking the position of vice chairman and also resuming his position as the operating partner for Marlin Equity Partners.

Marlin Equity Partners is the company that is believed to have led to the formation of Coriant from Tellabs, Nokia and Sycamore Networks. His new role at Coriant is quite unexpected, and he is taking the role with a lot of caution. Shaygan says that he has maintained a very close relationship with the top management in the company for some time. This means that he is already familiar with everything that takes place there.

Coriant believes that Kherapdir is the right person for the job. He has been in the industry working as a technology leader for over three decades, and he has enough skills in technology, telecom and financial services. The company is excited to have the new CEO, because they have worked closely with him for some time. They are confident that he will drive Coriant to a better level.

Shaygan Kherapdir a well-respected individual in the electrical engineering world. He went to some of the best schools in the world, and this explains his great success. In the university, he studied electrical engineering, specializing in the control systems. He is a holder of a master degree and a PhD from the Cornell University. As an electrical engineer, Shaygan has accomplished a lot. His achievements make him a role model for many people in the telecommunication and technology industry.

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A New Conditioner, a New Look

Anyone with a hair length past a buzz cut knows that it can be hard to take care of your hair. Walk down the hair-care isle at your grocery store and you will be buffeted by hundreds of choices, all claiming that this particular bottle holds the magical substance for perfect hair. That being said, how do you decide which brand to pick, I myself go by price and what the bottle says it helps, but I am now starting to do some research into what works best.

As I perused the internet, trying to find that special conditioner on Amazon that would give my hair the look I want and keep it that way through the day, I came upon a brand that claimed to be the best fit for any hair style or length, the conditioner was called WEN hair By Chaz. Now if you have never read the back of a conditioner bottle, here are two things you should know, most say they work on a specific length, and none say they work for all hair types. This brand obviously caught my eye so I decided to try it out.

I ordered a bottle from the Sephora website, and I must say for a high quality conditioner, it was reasonably priced. Once I received the bottle I decided to test it out, and while I was in the shower I read how many pumps to use for my hair length. For long length hair it suggested using over 20 pumps of conditioner, this didn’t seem right but it was my first time using this so I decided to give it a go. The results were amazing to say the least. I had been using Tresemme and after using Wen hair By Chaz I don’t think I will be going back. My hair became smooth to the touch, didn’t frizz up during the day, and altogether just looked great. So I suggest to you, if you’re having a hard time managing your hair or would just like it to be better, look up Wen By Chaz, you won’t be disappointed. Read more about Wen hair on

WEN Hair Care products are also available here:

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Igor Cornelsen’s Insights On Brazilian Banking

Banks play a pivotal role in any economy. Under Dilma Roussef’s policies, the economy did not grow. In 2014, the two leading banks in Brazil, Banco Bradesco (BBD) and Itau Unibanco (ITUB), saw an increase in their shares by one-third.

According to Igor Cornelsen, Brazilian banks have managed to weather the storm by understating the market as well as using their experience during turbulent years. Igor Cornelsen is a top Brazilian banker. He posits that Brazilian bankers engaged in the private sector only lends to the most credit worthy borrowers. This way, these banks are able to streamline their costs besides having a sense of security. People having less desirable credit enlist the services of public sector banks. If their concerns are not addressed by these public sector banks, they zero in on cash-based spending or shelve their business plans. If people cannot secure loans with banks, it becomes a demerit to a country’s micro-economy and development agenda.

The investment expert asserts that people should consider investing in Brazil because the country has many natural resources. In addition, Igor posits that Brazil ranks as the most attractive market in the entire South America because of its increased need for development of infrastructure to support the thriving population. The country is the largest on the continent and is a leader in food production.

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Igor Cornelsen | The Superior Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen – Tripod

Igor has created a short and precise profile for the investors. The profile outlines the factors that they need to consider before investing in Brazilian stocks. Igor Cornelsen asserts that there are 10 major players in the Brazilian banking industry. The 10 powerhouse banks are state owned and private investment and commercial banks. In the world economy, Brazil is the 8th largest and the largest in South America. Since merging with Unibanco, Banco Itau has seen tremendous growth. The major banks in Brazil include HSBC, Banrisul, Caixa Economica Federal, Banco J. Safra, Banco do Brasil, BTG Pactual, Banco Bradesco and Santander. Citibank Brazil ranks as one of the top 10.

According to Igor, Joaquim Levy will introduce fiscal reforms. He was recently appointed as the finance minister. Levy has a PhD from the prestigious University of Chicago. Igor explains that Levy is a shrewd policymaker and a good friend to the members of the private sector. However, Igor warns that it is yet to be seen whether real economic reforms will be effected or not. In addition, Igor says that the economies of China and Brazil are intrinsically linked. To this end, when the Chinese economy is strong, Brazilian raw materials will have good prices.

Igor states that the Brazilian currency has been overvalued for many years. This way, the country’s exports have lost competitiveness, thus creating large current account deficits. Igor believes that the new administration will have less intervention. To this end, exports from Brazil will be competitive and the current account will decrease given the devaluation of the Brazilian real.

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