Investment Company Launches App That Helps Clients Visualize Real Estate Costs

Known as one of the easiest ways of building wealth, real estate investing also offers investors a relatively safe place for where they can put their money. There are several costs, however, when it comes to purchasing a property for personal or business use.

Individuals have to pay mortgage and insurance costs every month and also pay taxes that cover public utilities like sidewalks and street lights, amongst other expenses. So unless an investor factors in all of the associated costs with real estate, it becomes very difficult to try and estimate any potential profit.

The Davos CAP Calculator

Davos Real Estate Group, a subsidiary of the Davos Financial Group, recently released an application that helps investors do just that. Through the companies newly released Davos CAP Calculator, investors can factor in all of the different costs associated with real estate so they can easily estimate the gain of buying an investment property.

The application development was primarily managed by David Osio, the CEO of Davos Financial Group, and Gerard González, the Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, and is just the beginning of a series of new applications that seeks to connect Davos better with its clients.

David Osio recently said that the company developed the application in response to the challenge of “financially guiding [their] clients when investing in real estate in the United States.” The application launch also mirrors a recent push to expand the real estate side of the company, as there has been a 60% increase in agents on its platform and the development of new real estate partnerships around the world.

David Osio

David Osio founded The Davos Financial Group in Venezuela, in 1993, after successful careers as a lawyer and as an executive of Banco Latino International.

When the company was founded, it only served an elite clientele in David Osio’s home country of Venezuela. Today The Davos Financial Group is now made up of several different companies that each focus on a specific investment avenue.

The collective has offices in several major cities on three different continents and has grown their client base to include a wide variety of investors. The group has also received a myriad of awards for their philanthropic and business practices and are currently trying to increase their digital presence through the development of new online applications.

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