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Lovaganza; a hotbed of cultural diversity

Have you heard about Lovaganza? If not, Lovaganza an entertainment brand headed by Jean-Francois Gagnon and his spouse, Genevieve Gagnon which showcases different cultures of the world through arts and entertainment. This involves highlighting music, film, dance and movies from various cultures across the world. The mission is to rekindle the emotion of the World’s Fairs, encourage unity between the diverse cultures of the globe, and to raise funds for the Lovaganza Foundation, a charitable fund that strives to boost the quality of life for kids all around the world.

Lovaganza has several film projects currently in production, which will culminate with the Lovaganza 2020 Global Celebration tour. The 2020 Global Tour event is scheduled for May until September. Originally scheduled for 2015, the much awaited ‘Global Celebration’ was postponed until 2020 to make the most out of new technology, most notably Immerscope, which is a novel 180-degree-3D technology that eliminates the need for 3D glasses. The 2020 event is set to reminisce World Fairs of olden days incorporated with the CINERAMA experience. Besides the immersive films, the 2020 Lovaganza event will also include live performances, interactive events, and technology exhibitions across several world cities to showcase film, art, and performances of various cultures.

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In preparation for the 2020 Lovaganza Global event, there will be a Lovaganza convoy commissioned to promote the upcoming 2020 event and the objective of the Lovaganza Foundation, besides showcasing the glasses-free 3D Immerscope technology. Between now and the scheduled festival in 2020, three feature films are set to be released. The trilogies will seek to showcase the various cultures of the world on film. Already, the Sunshine Project is nearing completion. The movie is being recorded in Frigiliana, Southern Spain and is part of the trilogy. One of the key themes of the Sunshine project is staying hopeful and steadfast in faith. There are plans to visit Africa, India among other sites as film production continues.

Lovaganza is divided into two sections. The Lovaganza entertainment brand is the profit side while the Lovaganza Foundation is the charitable segment. The Lovaganza entertainment brand seeks to raise adequate funds through the film production, which will be channeled to the Lovaganza Foundation, to achieve its universal mission of improving the life of children across the globe.

If all goes well, the Lovaganza 2020 Global celebration will be worth lots of money and deliver top-class, innovative entertainment value to the whole world. A lot of people are enthusiastic about Lovaganza, and it’s obvious to see why. The universal cultural element of it promises unique delivery.

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The 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Have Been Announced And Madison Street Capital Makes The List Of The Nominees To The Final.

The finalists for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards have been announced by M&A firm and the majestic boutique global investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, makes the shortlist. Madison Street Capital extends financial advisory services to private and public entities. The firm also provides key services like mergers and acquisitions transactions, reorganization, capital restructuring, buyout, private placement advisory, and bankruptcy. It offers these services with a combination of leadership, integrity, and excellence. The firm is situated in Chicago, Illinois and its major clients include Central Iowa Energy, LLC, Fiber Science, Inc and Bond Medial Group Inc.

These specific services Madison Street Capital convey to its base of clients puts them in prime position to experience exponential growth in the competitive global marketplace. When Madison Street Capital partake any client project, they personalize the project to ensure customer objectives and goals come to fruition. Madison Street Capital has identified emerging markets as the epicenter that can easily propel the global development of clients, and they have set out to inject substantial assets, every ounce of energy and time to these markets.

The M&A Advisor Awards, frequently known as the “Academy Awards” of M&A, Financing, Restructuring, deal making, product and services, is revered as the hallmark of achievement in the financial world. In addition to the celebration and achievement of top companies and experts, the award will acknowledge the 2016 Lifetime Achievement and Leadership Award winners that include introduction to the Hall of Fame.

Madison Street Capital got nominated in two categories; Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International and Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100MM). The International and Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100MM) seeks to acknowledge Madison Street Capital leading role in paving the way for the Acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco. The high-value acquisition transaction was spearheaded by Karl D’Cunha who is the Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director.

Madison Street Founder and CEO, Charles Botchway, in his statement, said that they were delighted to have fully engaged in the deal-making to help their old client Dowco with the significant acquisition. He further said that they are greatly honored to have been nominated and competing for the coveted Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. He attributed the nominations to their deal makers who work relentlessly around the clock to tap opportunities for their clients across the globe that match their needs for faster growth and success.

Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, Karl D’Cunha, echoed Charles Botchway’s sentiments by stating that the deal to help acquire Acuna & Asociados S.A was a sophisticated, across the globe transaction with numerous trees being shaken. He concluded that he feels out of the world for the nomination and they will continue the upward trend of nailing down some of the best deals for their clients.

The winners of the coveted awards will be feted at the Gala Ceremony in the glittering New York City on November 9th topping off the 2016 M&A Advisor Summit. This exclusive summit that features more than 75 industry experts and 600 delegates will encompass the top global deal makers and other industry professionals like political leaders, media, and academic stalwarts.

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Bruce Levenson Files Lawsuit Against New Hampshire Insurances Company for Breaching Contract

Bruce Levenson, former partner of Atlanta Hawks LLC filed a lawsuit in Fulton County on September 13th, 2016 against New Hampshire Insurance Company – AGI for breaching a contract and conducting business in bad faith. The breach involved settlement claims involving Danny Ferry, Atlanta Hawks’ former general manager. According to, court documents state the former partners claim the company had a policy that covered losses regarding wrongful termination. The documents also state the company provided notice to AIG in early April, 2015 that Ferry declared claims that should have been granted. The total amount the former partners are suing for isn’t disclosed to the public.

The lawsuit is filed one year and five months after Anthony Ressler agreed to purchase the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Team and operating control of Phillips Arena. Ressler paid $850 million for the acquisition transaction and assumed some of the company’s debt. Levenson acquired the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 for $189 million, but suffered losses prior years before the sale due to low ticket sales. Bruce Levenson and his partner notified AIG of Ferry’s settlement claims during the same month and year Ressler agreed to the purchase.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, District of Columbia and attended high school in Maryland. The Washington University and American University graduate has almost 40 years of expertise as an entrepreneur and business leader. He co-founded United Communications Group, an information business providing data and analysis services to energy, technology, healthcare, and telecommunications industries. Source:

In 2015 as reported by PR News, Levenson was nominated as Director at TechTarget Inc. He is a member of the Compensation Committee and Nominating & Governance Committee for the corporation. He served as Director from 2007 until 2012 and three years later joined the Board of Director at TechTarget.

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Writing Quality SEO Articles In today’s world

The implementation of a good SEO strategy is an important ingredient in succeeding in the search engine marketing business. As such it is important for all SEO article authors to have the needed knowledge in developing quality articles that guarantee a successful search engine marketing campaign.

Quality SEO articles play a vital role in business marketing. They are used as a marketing strategy which has gained prominence with the development of the internet. Business owners and entrepreneurs use SEO articles to define their services, and in so doing the articles should dictate the services offered while addressing all consumer related needs and queries.

In the past SEO articles were flooded with Keywords in a bid to gain higher ratings in the SERPs. This model of writing proved very ineffective with potential clients surfing the internet getting little or misguided information on products. This ineffectiveness led to major changes in the art of writing an SEO article. However, some authors still hold the traditional way of writing articles, especially when reviewing titles and Meta descriptions.

This traditional way of writing is commonly referred to as Keyword stuffing. This mode of writing was used to trick search engines in a bid to direct higher traffic. Under this model, Keywords are stuffed without regard to the general flow of information and logic.

The new model embraces a much more reformed model of writing. This model has not abandoned the use of Keywords. However, keywords are used strategically; addressing the intended searchers.

In today’s world, Keywords should be used as outlined below courtesy of;
Keywords should be mentioned in the title page for the sole purpose of informing searchers and search engines about the page. Keywords should be placed n the main headline of the SEO followed by a good Meta description designed to inform searchers about the page. The intention is to increase the click rate by searchers. Keywords should be repeated in the page content at most three times, and are used as a reference point. The use of images containing the keywords is also important. It is important for SEO articles to check their articles to prevent keyword stuffing.

Writing a quality SEO article demands thorough research on the product and the target audience. This ensures that the author does not give too little or unnecessary information. An SEO should be specific and short.

Secondly, White Shark Media should identify the keywords that address his intended information while employing the use of synonyms that are recognized by search engines. The preferred Keywords should be converted into real titles that address the problem addressed within the SEO article.

These reforms come after improvements in the search engine industry that have departed from the emphasis on the use of Keywords and have switched focus to quality content in a bid to provide searchers with reliable quality information.