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Services that Capital Anesthesiology Association Offers

At Capital Anesthesiology Association (, we offer a broad variety of anesthesiology services. There are three different kinds of anesthesia that we offer and they include:

General anesthesia. This is used during surgeries where the patient is needed to be completely under sedation. This type of anesthesia requires intensive monitoring and one of our doctors is right in the room with you to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Regional anesthesia. This is used when sensation of pain needs to be stopped to one area such as the leg, arm or abdomen. For example, when a woman gives birth, she has the option of an epidural. We are well experienced in giving epidurals and monitoring progress to ensure the patient is not in pain.

Local anesthesia. This is also known as twilight sleep. The patient is sedated enough to not feel pain but is not completely put under. This procedure requires careful monitoring and we stay right with the patient until after the procedure is over and the patient has recovered from the sedation.


We offer these services to all patients including those that are obstetrics patients, cardiac patients and pediatric patients. All of our doctors are well experienced and well trained in the world of anesthesiology and will ensure that you will not feel any pain.




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The Great Rise of Handy Continues

Handy is one of those companies that took a very simple idea and turned it into a multi-million dollar company. Hundreds of millions would be a more accurate assessment. Handy is valued at around $500 million and does about $1 million in bookings per week. What is booked? Home cleaning services mainly. does also connect clients with freelancers who do maintenance and other work, but home and office cleaning jobs are the linchpin of the company.

What sets Handy apart from so many other companies is the service employs a basic app to make bookings. Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan first came up with the idea while at Harvard Business School, and he further fleshed things out while visiting different locales in Europe. In eastern Europe, he worked in real estate and realized renters and new buyers often have many responsibilities on their plates. Cleaning and home care were both pushed aside sometimes. Connecting such customers with freelance cleaners could be a good business strategy.

A visit to the United Kingdom allowed Hanrahan to think about connecting home cleaners with app bookings. After seeing ride sharing services booked via apps, the budding entrepreneur figured the same could be done with home cleaning services. He was right. He was right to the tune of many millions of dollars.

Owners and renters in need of having their properties cleaned out thoroughly are not the only ones to benefit incredibly from the concept of Handy. Highly-talented freelancers also have much to thank for the arrival of Handy. Getting booked for jobs and getting paid a desired wage and paid on time — without having to chase people for money owed — makes freelancing much easier.

Freelancers won’t find it easy to gain access to Handy. There is a significantly complex hiring and approval process put in place by Handy. This ensures those who are hired are more than up for the job. Freelancers also gain a lot upon being approved for Handy. Since Handy is so strict with its hiring and approval process, would-be clients are going to feel confident booking at Handy. Freelancers can get a steady stream of clients this way. The $1 million in bookings per week do reveal a lot of clients are headed Handy’s way. This is to say the freelancers gain access to steady income.

Handy is going to continue to grow. $50 million in investment capital should see to this.


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The Midas Legacy: They Have The Answers

A company like The Midas Legacy is always looking out for its clients. They know that their clients are the reason they work as well as they do. They talk about helping people obtain their lifetime goals and that is a lot of pressure and a lot to handle. However, The Midas Legacy has been doing this for a while, so nothing is going to catch them off guard and nothing is going to surprise them. They are ready for everything and anything that a client might have for them. They want to ensure they have their retirement planned, prepared, and ready. That way, they can rest a little easier at night and not have to worry about it.

It all starts with them getting to know their clients. Once they have a better idea of what their clients are about and what they stand for, they are able to fully help them. Everyone out there has a different idea of how their future should go and how it should be run. This is especially true when it comes to retirement. One must remember they have worked a long time to get to this point. Because of this, it is important to not leave anything to chance and to cover all of their bases.

They also help entrepreneurs, as they are looking to achieve a better life as well. Perhaps they are stuck in a job they do not like and they dread going to it each and every single day. The Midas Legacy is going to help them make smart business choices and make sure they know what they are getting involved in and how to get it off the ground in terms of hiring employees and making it profitable. Whenever someone has to take this next step in their life, there is some risk involved.

However, thanks to The Midas Legacy, the risk is not as big as they first assumed. In fact, it is not really a risk at all when someone has done their homework and their research. They are ready and willing to handle it thanks to the Midas Legacy. They have given them all of the tricks of the trade, so they are prepared and they are ready for the next chapter in their life whether it is starting up their own business or whether it is preparing for retirement and getting the most out of their lives.

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Talk Fusion Looks to Improve Upon Award Winning Programs.

Talk Fusion, a video marketing solutions company, should be on the radar for every business trying to make a name for themselves. In our digital oriented world the best businesses have found ways to communicate and market themselves effectively. Talk Fusion was established by CEO Bob Reina in order to offer a way for companies to communicate and get their message out. Now, in 2016, the company has grown exponentially. Most recently Talk Fusion’s flagship program, Video Chat, has been racking up some serious awards.


The Video Chat application has been making waves due to its most recent accolade: the WebRTC Product of the Year award. This award is given out to companies and their products who focus entirely on creating connections within the industry. The Video Chat program has mostly been revered for its key connection ability: users can communicate with anyone, anywhere, on any device. This is a huge benefit in our tech world where so many pieces of technology are being used. Though the Video Chat has been raking in awards, it is also being continually updated. CEO Bob Reina has focused on continually improving the UI so that users can interface with the application more effectively. Other planned updates include the ability for group chat sessions to take place.


CEO Bob Reina first started up Talk Fusion when he found that there weren’t options on the market that offered what he needed. Reina wanted to find a way to more effectively communicate with potential customers. He wanted to be able to contact customers in an efficient and effective way. His initial goal had been to be able to contact customers via email with embedded video emails. There were no clients on the market that offered this service and thus Talk Fusion was born. Now Reina is CEO of one of the largest global marketing programs on the internet and one of the most giving. Talk Fusion has a long track record of philanthropic endeavors, including donations to the Humane Society as well as various orphanages around the world. Needless to say, Talk Fusion is reaping the good work that they’ve put out.

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Town Residential of NYC is Expanding

Town Residential is New York’s most revered luxury real estate firm. Founded in 2010, they strive to become one of the best in the real estate market for New York City. They specialize in sales, leasing, marketing, and handling property development for both commercial and residential purposes. They have been named as one of the top 50 employers to work for in New York City. Their team of professionals have advanced knowledge and experience in the residential real estate industry. The company is currently led by Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana. Their main location is located at 33 Irving Place. They have several other offices within New York City, located in: Gramercy, the Financial District, Fifth Avenue, Astor Place, Soho and the Upper East Side.


Town Residential is now expanding their reach to a new office in the meatpacking district of Manhattan. The new office will make them more visible to the residents that live near the Hudson river. The office’s new location is located within view of the beautiful High Line park. This new area is one of the hottest neighborhoods of New York City and more condo buildings are being developed in the area. The rent of the new location has not been disclosed to the park, but it is expected to be high since real estate in the area is over $90 per square foot.


Thomas & Ingram will be joining Town Residential in their new office to handle sales in West Village. They are also relocated their old office from Horatio Street to be integrated into the new location.


Town Residential has had some recent high profile customers. Kylie and Kendall Jenner rented out their penthouse in Tribeca from Ron Moelis. The penthouse is located at 15 Leonard street and it is valued at over $7 million. It is estimated that the Jenners are paying over $28,000 per month for the penthouse.


The firm currently has several multi million dollar estates listed for sale, according to The Real Deal.They have a $13,650,000 property in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a $13,700,000 in Brooklyn and a $5,900,000 synagogue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.



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The Reasons That Makes Handy An Excellent Company To Work With

There have been many different home cleaning services that claim they are professional and know what they’re doing, but in the end, Handy ended up being the number one choice of many customers around the USA. Handy is locations in different cities, which means that many people are able to utilize their services when they need it for their homes or businesses. Of all the services that Handy offers, the cleaning service is the most requested and most popular, reveals NYCTechMommy. Since most people have something they have to clean in their home, the service is very necessary, especially for those with no time to clean.

Another reason why the cleaning service is so popular is because not everyone likes to clean, even if they have time to clean. The Handy cleaners can be at someone’s home at a desired time and date, which means that the customer can always pick what’s the best time for them to have the workers come to clean. Those that are worried about having strangers walking throughout their home don’t need to worry about the people who work for Handy. The Handy company takes time to give a background check to the workers that they choose to hire because they want trustworthy workers.

According to welldressedgeek, another thing that Handy does is to ensure each one of their workers, which protects both the worker as well as the customers they service. Those who don’t want cleaning services from Handy can still get the painting services, moving services, plumbing services, assembly services and more to satisfy their needs. Only professionals are allowed to work for Handy, which means that there will be no slackers and only people who are experienced that work for the company. Those who want to lighten their load and get someone else to clean their home should contact Handy first.