Makari Skin Care Purifying Tonic and Whitening Cream

The top of the skin lightening cream products is the Makari skin care line. Makari skin care is the go to line for men and women who are persons of color. They design their products to lighten, hydrate, and treat skin specifically for those who have darker skin tones.

Makari’s Purifying and Cleansing Tonic gently cleanses the skin. It cleans and shrinks the pores. The Alpha hydroxy acids within the Makari Purifying and Cleansing Tonic exfoliates the skin. The vegeclairine ingredient in the tonic helps to lighten the skin. The aloe in the product keeps the skin hydrated and treated as gently as possibly. This product can be used one time or twice a day. It doesn’t need to be washed away after it is used.

After purifying the skin with the Makari Purifying and Cleansing Tonic, you may want to use a Makari lightening cream to follow it up. The Makari lightening cream is needed only once daily. The product contains botanicals that naturally work to lighten uneven skin complexion and reduce the size of pores. The vegeclairine ingredient is the main skin lightening ingredient of this product. The argan oil within the product allows for the skin to be naturally and gently hydrated. The sweet almond oil in the Makari lightening cream allows for drier skin types to be treated. For more information, visit