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Fabletics Is Taking On The Fashion World One Member At A Time

Fabletics grew to become a $250 million business in just three short years. The company uses a simple subscription mechanic to make serious headway in the fashion e-commerce industry, which is hard to do considering Amazon controls around 20 percent of that market right now. Fabletics is taking advantage of the activewear movement, providing affordable fashions to customers in a personalized way.



It used to be much easier to define high value brands; mostly by their prices and the quality of their goods. Now, this combination has become much more difficult to create. Things like exclusive design, brand recognition, customer experience, and last-mile service are now the most important elements in determining a brand that is high-value.



Fabletics’ subscription mechanic and customer service have become so popular, the company has been opening physical stores all over the country. Most retail companies are getting killed by showrooming. Most people browse the stores but end up buying a cheaper version online. Where these companies are suffering, Fabletics is prospering. Browsing has been turned into a positive because of their unique origin.



Between 30 to 50 percent of the people who walk into their stores are already members of their subscription service. Amazingly, another 25 percent will become members before they leave the store. When a member comes in and tries on clothes, those clothes are automatically added to their online cart too. Fabletics takes the pressure of the shopping experience by showing their customers they don’t care how or where they buy, as long as they shop with Fabletics.



The success of Fabletics can be attributed to many things, but elements like customer experience, service, personalization, and ease of access are some of the most important ones. They don’t force members to buy every month, alleviating the pressure felt by most customers. Customers can skip a month, get discounts on special items, and receive personalized outfit choices every month.



Fabletics wants to deliver their customers the most personalized service. When a member joins, they take a survey that helps Fabletics get an idea of what kinds of workouts the member does, what outfit styles they prefer, and which styles best suit them. Every month, the company chooses a personalized outfit for the member. While each outfit may be different, each item is known for its quality and style.



The company creates a personalized service for high-quality fashion items. It has a great bang-for-your-buck kind of feel, and the missed shopping trips and convenience factor certainly help create love for this company. Fabletics makes it easy to place orders, skip orders, and navigate through different fashion options.



Their easy-to-use subscription model can fit anyone’s financial situation and needs, from those who spend months in between needing workout clothes, to those who spend their lives at the gym. Their ability to create a wonderful customer experience in and out of their stores is one of the many reasons Fabletics has become one of the most successful fashion companies in the country.