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BenefulIncredibites, Incredible for smaller Dogs

BenefulIncredibites by Purina is an ultra-high quality adult dry dog food specifically designed for smaller, but mighty breeds of dog, such as Chihuahuas, Malteses, Pomeranians and others. The smaller chunks of food are perfect for their little teeth and mouths, while providing all the necessary nutrients for their quick metabolisms.It is important to keep in mind that Incredibites are designed for smaller adult dogs, not to be confused with puppy food. Puppies should be given specially formulated puppy food as per their age.

BenefulIncredibites provide a complete and balanced meal for your precious pooch. It is mainly formulated with high quality protein from chicken or beef (depending on the flavor) and vegetables, such as peas, carrots, spinach and sweet potato. It also contains an array of whole grains and a comprehensive profile of 23 vitamin and minerals perfect for small dogs. All of the goodness is encompassed into moist and crunchy bits that your dog will absolutely love and crave. Your dog will enjoy every meal, as it is mainly made with succulent meat. Beneful Incredibites are especially formulated to support the faster metabolism of smaller breeds of dog.

At just a little over $0.90 per pound, your dog can get premium nutrition that won’t cost a fortune. You can save even more money by clipping coupons directly from the official Purina website, your local ads or from online coupon sites. Incredibites can be found at most major retailers.You can purchase both flavors to see which one your dog likes the best. He or she will likely devour both the chicken and the beef. It is best to adhere to the feeding guidelines as specified by the instructions or per your vet’s orders. If switching from a different food, it is best to slowly introduce Incredibites into their diet to avoid digestive issues.

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