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Changing the World with Avaaz.

Numerous issues affect individuals. The issues could be global, regional or even national. Issues such as corruption and misuse of power affect people from all walks of life. They are matters that need to be talked about and discouraged. It is for this reason that a U.S based civic organization known as Avaaz came to existence in the year 2007. For the period it has been in existence, Avaaz has provided an excellent playground for activism on issues such as climate change, poverty, and conflicts just to mention a few. Avaaz is a Persian name meaning voice.

The mission behind the formation of Avaaz was to bridge the gap between the world we are in and the world that many people desire. Millions of individuals in the world are empowered by this organization to take action on matters that are pressing. The internet group gives an opportunity for efforts put forward to culminate into a collective force.
The Avaaz campaigns take place in about 17 languages and services offered in more six continents through a team present in the continents alongside volunteers. The activities that the Avaaz community decide on including communicating and lobbying governments, providing funds for media campaigns, signing the petition as well as organizing protests and events. All the activities are crucial since they ensure that the peoples’ values and views contribute to the decisions made affecting all of us.

The funding of Avaaz comes from individual members’ generosity since the organization does not take other corporations funding. Res Publica co-founded it. Service Employees the International Union supported it.

At the helm of the organizations, leadership is Ricken Patel. He is a graduate of Balliol College, Oxford University where he studied politics, philosophy, economics which is referred to as PPE. He is the founding president of and the chief executive director of Avaaz.