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What Whitney Wolfe Has Planned With Bumble

Her Plans For This App

Whitney Wolfe has made no secret of her plans for Bumble. The app launched in late 2014, but it has only recently shown what sort of potential it may have. There are millions of people using it now, but she sees so much more potential overall for the app. The sky is the limit and Wolfe is prepared to do everything she can to make sure that she is able to get the most out of what her company can give the world.

Millions Of People Can’t Be Wrong

You can clearly see that the app market is a competitive one. There are so many dating apps out there and it’s fairly difficult for any particular app to stand out. Despite that her app not only stands out in the crowd, but also gives its users something unique that they will never find anywhere else. On Bumble, women are always the first one to make any move in heterosexual encounters. This isn’t something that you see on any other dating apps and it’s making Bumble a place where women feel much more comfortable than they would otherwise.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a young entrepreneur specializing in ways to improve the internet experience. She has worked for amazing companies involved in web development such as Tinder and continues to provide quality services through the Bumble dating app. Before she decided to involve herself in web development she had earlier business dealing involving a tote bag business. Wolfe is noted and often celebrated for making herself a CEO at such a young age. She continues to inspire people across the world as a woman who has proven that women can in fact dominate and succeed in tech as leaders and innovators.