Beneful Sells Dog Food World Wide

Almost all dog food companies sell a variety of dog food blends. Purina Beneful, however, is one of the only dog food brands to use all real ingredients and whole grains. They are popular world wide and can be found with almost any retailer. Pretty much every Walmart store sells all the different varieties including snacks and treats. The most popular flavors include chicken, beef, and real salmon with the healthy weight option. You can buy cans of wet dog food or bags of dry dog food. The different foods are also sold based on age of dog. For example they sell some food that is made specifically for puppies and some that are aimed specifically at adult dogs.

The price of Purina Beneful varies based on what type you buy. The sizes of dry food vary from 3 pounds up to 40 pounds and the cans of wet food vary from 3 ounce containers to 10 ounce containers. Even though Beneful is inexpensive as it is, they offer many coupons online. The best coupons for dog food can mainly be found on the Walmart website. As of right now, they have three coupons available for you to maximize your savings. If for some reason they don’t, Beneful offers some from their Official site.