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Whitney Wolfe Portrays Her Great Tech Mind Through Bumble

Whitney, the CEO, and founder of Bumble is in the online dating community to stay. After her departure from Tinder, it only took her nine months to get back with now the prevalent Bumble. Although dating sites have been there for some time, Bumble is unique in every way. One swipes right if they have an interest, and if not, they swipe left.

Again, with Bumble, it is only women who send the message first. The app registered an amazingly monumental success, with 12.5 million registrations in a span of slightly more than two years. Undoubtedly, Bumble serves the purpose for which Whitney Wolfe created it, which to be a center of connections.

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Further Plans in Store for Bumble

Whitney Wolfe intends to provide dating services beyond online platforms. Having registered a tremendous success with Bumble, she now plans on organizing physical meetings. It will be a secure place where people meet and find their match. Apart from people seeking ideal life partners, they will also have a platform to network. Whitney Wolfe’s company will also plan on workshops where people with common interests in business arena meet and c-work. There is no better way through which people would get a tangible connection to Bumble.

Selected Reviews by Bumble Users

A 32-year old Lauren says she is overly impressed by Wolfe’s Bumble. At Bumble, men are good-looking and hold remarkable occupations. Lauren also helped Bumble’s spokesman understand a need for a time limit. It will encourage men to send responses more quickly. On the other hand, a 28-year old Bryan Oltman says that men are part of that movement because women love it. The software engineer who takes pride in using Bumble says that women are impressed by Whitney Wolfe’s campaign because it offers them something unique, controlling conversations.


There is a lot to pick from hardworking Whitney. She works around the clock. Monitoring such activities tends to use so much of her time. However, she is in a field where her heart is deeply engraved. Thankfully, Whitney had an opportunity to understand on cultivating an understanding of people within her environment.

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