Brown Modeling Agency: Breaking The Norms Of The Fashion Industry

Brown Modeling Agency is one of the biggest talent acquisition agencies in the state of Texas. The agency has helped numerous people from all over the state and has placed them with designers who need them for various modeling purposes. The agency is known for having an extremely profitable crop of talent and providing designers and brands with an extremely diverse pool of models to choose from. The person who founded the agency is Justin Brown, who is no stranger to the fashion world. He has worked on some of the biggest fashion shows in numerous top cities in the country. This experience is what has helped him lead his own modeling company. The company was founded in 2005 and since then has been doing extremely well in the fashion industry.

In 2008, the agency made a massive leap to be one of the tops of its kind, when it partnered up with Wilhelmina National Agency from New York. This partnership boosted the company to a whole new level. With this new partnership, in came new clients looking out for more and more models for their fashion lines and brands. This gave way to a whole new world for the company, boosting their business incredibly. A lot of the models who were signed on by Brown Agency ended up getting international modeling campaigns. However, this did not show well for the company in the local market, as people from within the state began to look down on the agency for providing models for national and international events. People within Texas are proud of their homegrown talent, and often want to keep it within the state. They prefer to keep the home talent at home, and not taint them with international deals. This was when Justin Brown was faced with the decision of either adhering to the people of his home state or working with international names. Justin chooses to do a mix of both, with a little more focus on interstate events.

Brown Modeling Agency has always been extremely welcoming towards new talent and believes in taking on new comers into the agency. The models that work with them are representatives of the agency and are a reflection of the company itself. For this purpose, the company trains all of the models that are signed on with them. This is done to ensure that all of their models meet the high standards that people have for the models coming from Brown Modeling Agency. Not a lot of agencies are this welcoming towards new talent and expect models to be well trained when they come to the agency. Brown Modeling Agency has managed to break this norm and sets its own rules in the industry, which is why it has become so increasingly popular.