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The U.S. Money Reserve Promises Major Changes on Site

The U.S. Money Reserve has recently updated their website to reflect more modern standards than what they were able to offer in the past but they are not done, yet. They want to continue to make updates and to make their site as modern and accessible as possible.

According to PR Newswire, they want to see the different things that are going to come about as a result of the efforts that they have put into the site and they know that the only way to do that is to continue to update the site and make it better for everyone who wants to visit it and who wants to learn more about the U.S. Money Reserve.

While the U.S. Money Reserve was able to do a lot during the time that people were doing different things and while they had the options that came along with the various factors of websites and other opportunities, they did not have the chance to be able to show people what all they were doing with the U.S. Money Reserve. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-money-ceo-angie-koch-121500601.html

This simply meant that they could have people come to the website but once they got there, there really wasn’t a way for them to convert it into a sale.

Even though people could see the contact information for the U.S. Money Reserve and could visit there in the past, they couldn’t do all of that on the site. Now, the people who come to the site are even able to take a virtual tour eliminating the need for cost-intensive tours that are provided at the physical facility.

It made a lot of new options for the people who were doing more and who wanted to be able to try new things with the options that they had. This also gave them the chance to see that they were going to do more with what they had.

Because of the way that things were done and because of the updates that they had to the site, people are much more interested in the U.S. Money Reserve now. It is something that they are comfortable with and something that they are able to enjoy while they are doing different things.

From the ability to see the options that are included with the site to being able to purchase coins, the U.S. Money Reserve site offers so much more than what it did in the past for people who visit.

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Changing the World with Avaaz.

Numerous issues affect individuals. The issues could be global, regional or even national. Issues such as corruption and misuse of power affect people from all walks of life. They are matters that need to be talked about and discouraged. It is for this reason that a U.S based civic organization known as Avaaz came to existence in the year 2007. For the period it has been in existence, Avaaz has provided an excellent playground for activism on issues such as climate change, poverty, and conflicts just to mention a few. Avaaz is a Persian name meaning voice.

The mission behind the formation of Avaaz was to bridge the gap between the world we are in and the world that many people desire. Millions of individuals in the world are empowered by this organization to take action on matters that are pressing. The internet group gives an opportunity for efforts put forward to culminate into a collective force.
The Avaaz campaigns take place in about 17 languages and services offered in more six continents through a team present in the continents alongside volunteers. The activities that the Avaaz community decide on including communicating and lobbying governments, providing funds for media campaigns, signing the petition as well as organizing protests and events. All the activities are crucial since they ensure that the peoples’ values and views contribute to the decisions made affecting all of us.

The funding of Avaaz comes from individual members’ generosity since the organization does not take other corporations funding. Res Publica co-founded it. Service Employees the International Union supported it.

At the helm of the organizations, leadership is Ricken Patel. He is a graduate of Balliol College, Oxford University where he studied politics, philosophy, economics which is referred to as PPE. He is the founding president of and the chief executive director of Avaaz.

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Save Your Hair! Dump Shampoo!

Shampooing is one of the most destructive things you can do to your own hair. Shampooing can strip the hair of its natural oils and nutrients. Over time, this can cause your hair to lose body, lose its hair color, and make your hair weak and brittle. One of the best ways to protect your hair is by replacing shampoo with a cleansing conditioner.

What is a cleansing conditioner? A cleansing conditioner is a method for washing hair that consists of using only conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo. Cleansing conditioners use gentle, natural ingredients to clean, hydrate, and condition your hair without the use of lather or chemicals that are in shampoos.

One of the best cleansing conditioners on the market today is Wen Conditioning Cleanser. Developed, by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, Wen Conditioning Cleanser uses nutrient-rich, natural ingredients such as almond oil, and leaf juice. Regular use will clean your hair without artificial chemicals and will strengthen your hair and give your hair a rich body.

Hollywood celebrates have trusted Wen products for years. The hair that many of Hollywood’s biggest actors and actresses have been cleaned and conditioned with Chaz Dean’s Wen Conditioning Cleanser. If this product is good enough for Academy and Emmy award winning actors and actresses, It can keep your hair clean and strong naturally without the use of harsh chemicals and cleansers.

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EOS: Not Just A Cute Lip Balm

We all know Chapstick, a little cylindrical tube of lip balm with a label that reads “active ingredients.” Chapstick back in the day only had a few flavors that we all either loved or loathed such as; mint, cherry, or flavorless “original.” However, seven years ago, different colored orbs of lip balm began to emerge in local drug and grocery stores called EOS. They not only took over the shelves of Walgreens, Walmart, and then Target, but they also became a hit with Beauty editors such as Cosmo and Allure. They didn’t just stop there; famous celebrities began to catch on to the new-found craze. Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and even Kim Kardashian were soon found with a ball of EOS! EOS? What does it even stand for?

The acronym EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth”, which is the full name of the company who brought forth the EOS lip balms. The good people at EOS noticed that even though lip balms have been considered unisex products, studies show that women were more likely to use their products. With such information, they began targeting their lip balms towards women who wish to use their products in their daily beauty routines. EOS wanted to focus on creating emotional connections with users, instead of just being “another lip balm.” To do so, they created the slogan “The lip balm that makes you smile.” EOS has become a hugely popular on Facebook, catering to people from all sorts of walks of life. The founders of the company also come from diverse backgrounds, making the company perfect for connecting to their buyers.

Product Links:





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Talk Fusion Is So Amusing

Bob Reina is a profound businessman and entrepreneur. He is also the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is one of the world’s most premiere and fastest growing video companies you can find. In fact, Talk Fusion is currently among the largest video communications company in the world. To be exact, it is in the top 10.


With Talk Fusion being so popular, it has been featured in several news articles and publications. Mr. Bob Reina is dedicated to making his company into a billion dollar empire. In addition, Bob Reina promotes Talk Fusion opportunities directly through the industry of Direct Sales. Talk Fusion currently holds the distinction of being one of the top 50 companies in the DSA-Direct Selling Association. This is based off of sales revenue and growth alone. One of Bob Reina’s favorite catchphrases is “Bring us your dreams and we’ll help you do the rest!”



With that being said, Bob Reina is committed to ending animal cruelty and homelessness. Besides from being one of the largest voices of his time Mr. Reina and Talk Fusion have been integral in creating awareness of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. It is also responsible for much of their success. To many, Mr. Reina and Talk Fusion are known for their generous contributions to the community of Tampa Bay. Clearly, Bob Reina is a man with a vision. He also lives a purposeful life, serving those in need.


As the driving force behind Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solutions, Reina tosses around product ideas to the company’s IT professionals. These ideas focus on the areas of consumer trends, market analysis, and so forth. With Bob Reina being the multifaceted individual he is, he is also a contributor for The Huffington Post. In addition, he is responsible for one of MarTech Advisor’s most read articles of 2016. A primary focus of Talk Fusion is to help businesses stand out from the competitors.


They also aim to increase sales and profits for these companies. With that being said, Talk Fusion offers innovative methods that make marketing businesses more effective.

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BenefulIncredibites, Incredible for smaller Dogs

BenefulIncredibites by Purina is an ultra-high quality adult dry dog food specifically designed for smaller, but mighty breeds of dog, such as Chihuahuas, Malteses, Pomeranians and others. The smaller chunks of food are perfect for their little teeth and mouths, while providing all the necessary nutrients for their quick metabolisms.It is important to keep in mind that Incredibites are designed for smaller adult dogs, not to be confused with puppy food. Puppies should be given specially formulated puppy food as per their age.

BenefulIncredibites provide a complete and balanced meal for your precious pooch. It is mainly formulated with high quality protein from chicken or beef (depending on the flavor) and vegetables, such as peas, carrots, spinach and sweet potato. It also contains an array of whole grains and a comprehensive profile of 23 vitamin and minerals perfect for small dogs. All of the goodness is encompassed into moist and crunchy bits that your dog will absolutely love and crave. Your dog will enjoy every meal, as it is mainly made with succulent meat. Beneful Incredibites are especially formulated to support the faster metabolism of smaller breeds of dog.

At just a little over $0.90 per pound, your dog can get premium nutrition that won’t cost a fortune. You can save even more money by clipping coupons directly from the official Purina website, your local ads or from online coupon sites. Incredibites can be found at most major retailers.You can purchase both flavors to see which one your dog likes the best. He or she will likely devour both the chicken and the beef. It is best to adhere to the feeding guidelines as specified by the instructions or per your vet’s orders. If switching from a different food, it is best to slowly introduce Incredibites into their diet to avoid digestive issues.

Source of the article: Click here.

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Fabletics Is Taking On The Fashion World One Member At A Time

Fabletics grew to become a $250 million business in just three short years. The company uses a simple subscription mechanic to make serious headway in the fashion e-commerce industry, which is hard to do considering Amazon controls around 20 percent of that market right now. Fabletics is taking advantage of the activewear movement, providing affordable fashions to customers in a personalized way.



It used to be much easier to define high value brands; mostly by their prices and the quality of their goods. Now, this combination has become much more difficult to create. Things like exclusive design, brand recognition, customer experience, and last-mile service are now the most important elements in determining a brand that is high-value.



Fabletics’ subscription mechanic and customer service have become so popular, the company has been opening physical stores all over the country. Most retail companies are getting killed by showrooming. Most people browse the stores but end up buying a cheaper version online. Where these companies are suffering, Fabletics is prospering. Browsing has been turned into a positive because of their unique origin.



Between 30 to 50 percent of the people who walk into their stores are already members of their subscription service. Amazingly, another 25 percent will become members before they leave the store. When a member comes in and tries on clothes, those clothes are automatically added to their online cart too. Fabletics takes the pressure of the shopping experience by showing their customers they don’t care how or where they buy, as long as they shop with Fabletics.



The success of Fabletics can be attributed to many things, but elements like customer experience, service, personalization, and ease of access are some of the most important ones. They don’t force members to buy every month, alleviating the pressure felt by most customers. Customers can skip a month, get discounts on special items, and receive personalized outfit choices every month.



Fabletics wants to deliver their customers the most personalized service. When a member joins, they take a survey that helps Fabletics get an idea of what kinds of workouts the member does, what outfit styles they prefer, and which styles best suit them. Every month, the company chooses a personalized outfit for the member. While each outfit may be different, each item is known for its quality and style.



The company creates a personalized service for high-quality fashion items. It has a great bang-for-your-buck kind of feel, and the missed shopping trips and convenience factor certainly help create love for this company. Fabletics makes it easy to place orders, skip orders, and navigate through different fashion options.



Their easy-to-use subscription model can fit anyone’s financial situation and needs, from those who spend months in between needing workout clothes, to those who spend their lives at the gym. Their ability to create a wonderful customer experience in and out of their stores is one of the many reasons Fabletics has become one of the most successful fashion companies in the country.

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When Tech And Fashion Meet

Currently, there is an increasing synthesis of fashion and technology. Fashion designers have started seeing the possibility of using technology in creating designs that deliver. For instance, Anna Haut and Terese, have created Airbag for Cyclists, a system that you can wear around your neck. The airbag pops out in the case of an impact to protect your head; this is how fashion advances through the use of technology. Wearing Frontline Gloves can be very useful to firefighters and their teams. Frontline Gloves were created by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan. The gloves allow firefighters to pass to each other useful information through hand gestures. They can easily let each other know what’s going on or when to leave the scene.


SegraSegra designed t-shirts and jackets using bicycle tubes, and Emma Whiteside created a beautiful gown using radiator copper. Designers are turning to recycled materials to create fabulous designs. Soledad Martin is building a prototype for shoes that you can use to charge a mobile phone while walking. Fashion and technology can be used together to create energy.


Sometimes fashion can be used to make technology popular. Top designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, had her models wear Google Glass on the runway. Google Glass maybe intriguing to a computer geek but their cost to the average person is exorbitant, and people may not be interested in eye wear technology. Fashion shows create awareness for the latest trends and styles, and so it will have a similar effect on accepting the new technology of Google Glass.


Technology and fashion can thrive together and can be of help to each other. The excitement of the future lies in the industries gaining knowledge from each other and collaborating to make our world more creative, beautiful, and a safe place to live. Top fashion investors like Chris Burch strongly assert this view.


Chris is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse business background spanning a broad range of industries like technology, fashion, and real estate. Mr. Burch’s career started off when he was an undergrad at Itchica College, together with his brother Bod, they started Eagles Eye apparel. Eagles Eye had grown to $165 million when they sold it off.

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. The company’s philosophy in investing is driven by Burch’s entrepreneurial vision and values. The primary goal is to invest in businesses and brands that have a positive, direct, and enduring impact on people’s lives.



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Located at six different states within the nation namely New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alaska and finally the headquarters at Texas, the MB2 Dental provides some high-quality services to both the customers and the dentist. They provide guidance, knowledge and eventually highly personalized services to over 70 autonomous dental offices within the states named above.

The vision of the firm is to create an environment in which the dentist can completely focus on committing to their best. It includes offering excellent dental care to patient entrusted to them. The firm’s role is helping its clients within the business frame. Consequently, the dentist can focus more of their time and energy meeting patient’s needs.

MB2 understands very vividly how some non-clinical engagements are burdening time-consuming become and very confusing. The firm recognizes that for quality patient care and satisfaction to be provided then, the non-clinical stuffs must be mitigated. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy: http://www.vitals.com/dentists/Dr_Akhil_Reddy

Its mission is to equip the clients’ with guidance, knowledge and some personalized systems. The three aspects rendered by the firm can help in addressing the various non-clinical tasks hence, enabling the clients with the ability to make strategic business decisions.

Among MB2 dental values include:

Innovation- the firms encourages and embraces devotedly new ideas, they support new method and commits itself continuous improvement.

Teamwork- through a team of some highly qualified individual in organizational and managerial techniques, they merge these talents, cultures, knowledge and total commitment. The result is the provision of highly valued quality.

Excellence- Continuous improvement is what the team prides on. Excellence is achieved by continuously pushing the set limit. The improvement in the abilities and skills of the clients then provide the excellence they work to accomplish.

Integrity- the health profession advocates for the practice and maintenance of the highest moral individually and professionally. The firms hence promote honest, ethical and respectful practice among all its clients, partners, employees and the company at large.

MB2 has specialized in some fields they include human resource, operation support, Billing and Collection, finance and accounting, compliance, dentistry credentials, IT support, marketing, business development and finally training and development.

For any profession, time is paramount which any individual should entirely capitalize. MB2 Dental understands many roles within this profession may make any person wary. Some of these issues may be dealing with legal matters, maintaining compliance and credentials or finding the most efficient market strategy are deviating the dentist from his or her sole profession.

The MB2 Dental Solutions have come with customer tailored solutions, to relieve its clients with all these troubles and keep them focused on dentistry.


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Bruce Levenson’s AHBE Suing AIG Over Claims

The former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise filed a lawsuit against their insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company on the basis of breach of contract. According to ESPN, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC’s (AHBE) lawsuit involves the settlement of claims that were made by its former general manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson was the controlling partner of the AHBE company and the lawsuit does not include the current ownership team at all, led by Tony Ressler. AHBE’s lawsuit was filed on Sept. 13th against the AIG insurance company as a civil action based on breach of contract and insurance bad faith. Under the lawsuit, AHBE has made claims that they were guaranteed coverage under their policy for losses that they lost regarding employment practices, including “wrongful termination” and “workplace torts.” AHBE claims that their former general manager Ferry made claims in April of 2015 that were supposed to be covered.

The team’s prior ownership had reached a buyout agreement in June of 2015, ending the six-year contract. The sale of the franchise was then approved to the group led by Ressler two days later. The current ownership under Ressler claims that they are aware of the complaint and that it has nothing to do with them being the current owners.

The lawsuit claim amount is confidential but it does state that the limits of liability within the policy are sufficient to cover AHBE’s claim. AHBE claims that AIG refused to acknowledge a covered claim that AHBE made and that AIG has refused to accept its coverage. It is claimed that AIG has breached their contract by failing to pay for covered losses.

Former controlling partner of the franchise Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of United Communications Group. He founded United Communications Group in 1977, after writing for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He is a Director at TechTarget and has been on the Board of Directors at the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Bruce Levenson earned his undergraduate degree from Washington University and his Juris Doctor from American University. According to PR Newswire, Levenson is also involved in many philanthropic organizations across Washington D.C.

Read More: http://time.com/3296175/bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks-racist-email-kareem-abdul-jabbar/