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Will CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Take Coriant To New Heights?

CEO Shaygan Kheradpir was recently appointed to the highest office at Coriant, and the company is planning to attack the telecommunications industry with its own brand of devices. New companies have a difficult time breaking into a busy market, but Coriant has hired the finest CEO for the job. This article explains how Shaygan Kheradpir will help Coriant develop its own technology to match its brilliant network capabilities.

#1: Shaygan Is An Engineering Mastermind

Shaygan is one of the few CEOs in the world who can say they hold a doctorate in their field. He holds a doctorate in engineering from Cornell University, and he started with GTE Labs not long after graduation. GTE Labs became Verizon, and the phones that were produced by Verizon were all made by Shaygan’s team. His ability to get a team to do fast work is unparalleled in the industry, and he will help Coriant begin to flood the market with new products.

#2: Coriant Has A Strong Network Position

Coriant owns the rights to many mobile networks around the country, and those rights help make their company much more valuable on the whole. Shaygan will use that leverage to help build partnerships with other companies, and those companies will become strong partners for a new Coriant service. Coriant cannot move forward without products and partners, but Shaygan is capable of producing both quickly.

#3: Shaygan Has Vast Experience

Shaygan was once the CEO of Juniper Networks, and he worked on the executive team of Barclay’s after leaving Verizon. His breadth of experience is an important part of his resume, and he will help Coriant become a player in a world market where the name is not well known. Verizon was once an unknown company, but Shaygan had his hands on the phones that everyone used.

CEO Shaygan Kheradpir is the perfect choice for Coriant as the company grows. They want to enter the marketplace as a new option for telecommunications users, and they could not have chosen a better leader. Shaygan’s experience and education make him the perfect man to create a telecommunication giant.

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Inmate Phone Calls Made Better With Securus Technologies

Civil and criminal justice solutions have been providing tremendous assistance in investigation, public safety, monitoring and corrections. One of the leading providers of such solutions, Securus Technologies, has come up with a comprehensive and fully integrated analytic tool called THREADS 3.1 for the US corrections market. 

The difference between the earlier version of Securus’s investigative solutions product and THREADS 3.1 is that the latter deploys the latest web-based technologies making the usage a breeze. THREADS 3.1 is also designed to enhance the performance of the entire system. Here the user interface is meticulously streamlined and other unnecessary system actions eliminated thus enhancing the features of navigation, record loading as well as search function. 

The new release is meant to upgrade the old Silverlight platform to new HTML 5 allowing direct interaction between products from Securus like SCP or Secure Call Platform. With the use of easier to use interface, investigators are seeing the benefit of a more proactive tool to examine inmate communication like never before. The tool that Securus has come up with requires little to no training – though there is a team of Securus’ customer service reps standing by – while the tool itself provides focused leads and intelligence to investigators. THREADS 3.1 has many new features that are new to the previous version such as ability to listen to SCP calls, real-time analysis of the task in action, customized mapping, customized printing, content-sensitive reports and much more. 

THREADS is all set to become the gold standard for investigative solutions such as detecting suspicious inmate phone calls, identifying the calls and reporting them, correlations, communication and associations as well. Existing customers get all the benefits of new upgrades for free including access to their video visitation software, according to the company. 

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 3,450 public safety and correction agencies in the country. These agencies oversee more than 1.2 million inmates as well. The company is dedicated to serving its clients by providing incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, emergency response, inmate self-service, monitoring and many other services pertaining to law enforcement and corrections. Many of the solutions are paying off big-time at the company as well. Finding the right tool for a particular task is a matter of expertise and knowledge that the team at Securus Technologies is well-versed with. There is a lot of potential for growth in the company,; it is the most obvious way to get the system in order again, and it has always provided the service its clients need.

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The Success of Nobilis Health

One of the top healthcare companies in the United States is a healthcare company called Nobilis Health. Nobilis Health owns various health facilities that deliver services with the purpose of improving the access to care that patients can have. This is done by providing cost effective and minimally invasive procedures that can be provided in outpatient facilities around the country. Currently, Nobilis owns seven surgical facilities in cities such as Dallas, Houston, in addition to Scottsdale. In addition to the many surgical facilities, Nobilis Health has partnerships with other facilities in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, as well as New Jersey.
What makes Nobilis Health standout from other healthcare companies is the marketing campaigning. Nobilis Health utilizes many campaigning methods such as TV, print, radio, point-of-care, as well as social media. Nobilis Health combines patient awareness in addition and education. Consumer campaigning that is involved includes:
• Websites
• Paid search
• Local marketing
• In-house call center
All of the surgical centers that have been created by Nobilis Health include a combined sense of leadership and skills. Nobilis is constantly looking for brand new ways to improve the innovative healthcare and services that each patient receives. Superior medical care means lower costs for healthcare delivery as well as increased patient satisfaction. Every single staff member that works for Nobilis Health is highly trained and is board certified on google. The multiple specialties of interest that are provided by Nobilis Health include:
• Spine surgery
• Pain management
Orthopedic Surgery
• Podiatry
• General surgery
• Gastrointestinal scopes
• Otolaryngology
The excellent services that are offered by the surgeons is due to the fact that each working surgeon is an included equity partner. They are also given great responsibility by being given the honor of running the various facilities that are located throughout the United States. This enables every surgeon that works for Nobilis to focus all eyes on the best and highest standards for the patient care that benefits both the patients as well as the Nobilis shareholders.
Nobilis is a national company that has had great success from the marketing campaigns. Information is readily available for any interested patient. These facilities are recommended to any patient in need of non invasive surgery or services that are both of high quality as well as at low cost.

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Ways CCMP Can Help With Stephen Murray

As a private equity firm, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is able to help businesses from many different sectors with the needs that they have to be able to get their business done while still maintaining a level of capital that they need to have to be able to survive. The company works to help people in the chemical sector, with banking solutions, manufacturing and even has partners to help with all of the sectors.

Within the chemical ventures of the company, CCMP works to make sure that they provide their chemical companies with the best in manufacturing. Stephen Murray, former president and CEO of CCMP Capital, knows that it is important for chemical companies to be able to follow the guidelines and regulations that are set for them. He also knows that it is important for them to be able to maintain profits while they are trying to stay within the guidelines that are important for their business. He worked with these chemical companies to allow them to stay functioning.

It is important to be able to have the monetary necessities when running a private equity firm. CCMP Capital utilizes Chase Capital for their banking needs and the company allows Chase Capital to function on its own within the business of CCMP capital. They make sure that they always allow Chase Capital to thrive within the business world and they also make sure that the company is not only focused on changing the way that they can help CCMP capital but also help themselves when it comes to profits that come from the capital they are making.

There are many parts to manufacturing. Creating the goods, packing the goods and shipping the goods out can all get complicated and pricey. CCMP Capital works with manufacturing companies on patch to allow them to be able to have a better hold on their manufacturing needs and allow them to be able to thrive within their own industry. They work with them to give them the capital that is necessary to get started and ensure that they are going to be able to thrive in the business world.

While it is important for CCMP to help out the clients that they have, it is equally important for them to help themselves with the way that they are working. By doing this, Stephen Murray allowed the company to build many different partnerships. These partnerships created goals for the company and allowed the company to overcome many obstacles. The partners brought a lot to the table including capital necessary for running CCMP as well as ideas that helped to make the business a better place. There have been many options that CCMP has been able to employ with the partnerships that Stephen Murray worked to set up.

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Yeonmi Park: A Modern Heroine

Although she is only 22 years old, the life of North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has been marked with so much tragedy and drama that there could easily be a Hollywood film based upon it. Her book “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” has received excellent reviews from critics and readers alike. Indeed, it is almost as if Yeonmi Park has lived through two lives during her tumultuous time on this planet. When she and her mother finally achieved refugee status and were sent to South Korea to live—after several harrowing years in China—Yeonmi had to learn a completely new and different way of life. Prior to living in South Korea, she had never used an ATM card or purchased a public transportation pass. Obviously, she had also never used a computer. After all, regular North Korean citizens do not have access to the internet. Yeonmi Park often speaks of this kind of culture shock and why it can be so difficult for North Koreans to assimilate into the South Korean society sometimes. She believes that, with a bit of patience, North Korean refugees can blend into the culture and make lasting contributions; they just need some time to understand the lay of the land. Park also frequently talks about how she was initially overwhelmed by how fancy South Korea was when compared to North Korea. The bathrooms were particularly shocking to Yeonmi, who was not accustomed to toilet paper, sanitary napkins and other luxuries that many people in the civilized world take for granted. Once Yeonmi started to blend into South Korean life, she felt the need to start telling her story. Eventually, this led to many high-profile engagements on daily mail as a speaker at human rights conferences, as well as her book deal. People are fascinated by the lives that North Koreans live under the oppressive regime, and Yeonmi’s story offers a glimpse into this strange and oppressive world. She hopes that, by telling her story, she will inspire others to look more deeply into the plight of the North Korean people who have no voice.

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Social Media Could Be Hurting Your Business

Social media is damaging he productivity of hello yes and businessmen all over the world today. Social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter are making it a thousand times harder to take time to strictly work effectively. Working behind a desk gives emotes the chance to hurt their productivity because of being on social media way too often.

Many people are struggling with a variety of problems because of their social media, keeping these things in mine will help you invest your time in the right place and know about how social media can either improve your business or ruin it.

Separate Your Business Profile With A Personal Page

The key is to make sure that you invest your time on creating a separate profile for your business and current page. The thing you should remember is the fact that personal things should be completely kept away. You do not want to end up having to deal with any annoying photos your friends tag you in that your boss ends up seeing. Create a profile that your coworkers and other bosses can look at online. You can separate your profiles and keep both looking as real as possible.

Stop Using Social Media At Work

It’s important to remember that social media should be avoided at all costs at work. Sometimes, people know when you’re browsing the web online and it does affect how you work online. It’s a big time waster that can really affect your work and job.

Reputation protection

Your reputation is always on the line with social media. If you’re the head of your business, you need to make sure that you invest your time and money on maintaining your brand online. There are countless businessmen who have lost their reputations online because of not being able to get the right protection with their reputation.

Status Labs is a reputation management company that knows and understands how to save your business effectively. They can protect your brand the right way so that any bad reviews about you or anything negative is either hidden or removed from the web right away.

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Slyce Launches ‘Slyce Link’

The visual search platform known as Slyce Inc. has worked out a deal with a global toy company that will help with the income revenue that the company generates with its products. The software offers its services as related to visual search and digital coupons. This results in the release of the solution called Slyce Link. This product has been developing for more than a year. The status of this product is beta testing. As of right now, they are working out all of the bugs while they are prepare the product for release.

This product allows retailers to show customers products that look similar to the products that the customers are interested. This is to get the customers spending more money at the stores while they are shopping. This also prevents customers from abandoning their cart. It works very well when it is integrated into the webpage or the mobile page. One thing that Slyce Link helps with is the solution of the common issue that retailers are faced with. When a customer arrives for a certain product and the business is out of that item, instead of deleting the listing, the customer is led to another listing of a similar product that is immediately available for purchase. As a result, the site is more likely to make a sale.

Among the other cases that Slyce could be used for includes Cart Abandonment. People are notified when they abandon a cart when something similar to what they are looking for is available. This includes options for products that the customer may also like or products that are similar and have a similar price. They can also show products that are visually similar to the product that the customer is interested in.

Slyce Link can be acquired through a widget or an API. It is available right now for retailers to use. The established business model is what makes Slice able to gain revenue. It also has a reliable business model that is established for the maximum profitability of the business.

Slyce is working very hard to bring forth greater profits for retailers with the technology that they offers which will give retailers a better edge in their sales. Just because a retailer is out of a certain item does not mean that they have to settle for not making any sales. The retailer can just present similar items.

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From Puppy to Mature Dog, Beneful has Your Dog’s Nutrition Covered

Beneful dog food by Purina-Nestle has food for your dog from the time they are a puppy all the way to adult and then when they are a mature dog.

Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dry dog food is a perfect match for puppy’s nutrition needs. It contains delicious real chicken mixed with peas, carrots and calcium infused to help your growing puppy grow big and strong. On the Beneful website the Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food has a solid four point seven star rating out of five stars.

Any of the Beneful Originals dry dog food is well suited for adult dogs. The Originals on have a combination of real meat and vegetables in their ingredients listing. One bag has beef with spinach, peas and carrots. Another option is chicken with carrots, avocados and tomatoes. The last option in the Beneful Originals is real salmon alongside sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots. The Beneful Originals are highly rated on the Beneful website. On average they are rated four point six out of five stars. Beneful on target Playful Life is also a great option for adult dogs. This brand is well infused with protein to keep your pet in a playful, energized mood. It contains beef, egg, spinach and blueberries. It’s customer rating is a four point eight out of five stars on the Beneful website.

The Beneful Originals dry dog food is also ideal for mature dogs. However as many dogs age they tend to gain weight. If your dog is in that category the Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food is perfect for your beloved dog. The Beneful Healthy Weight dog food has a healthy calorie for any dogs who need a diet but also need energy rich food for an active life. The dog food has a combination of apples, chicken, green beans and carrots. Healthy Weight is rated a four point seven on the Beneful website.

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Keeping Yourself Clean In Search Results

Many internet users never fully realize what the power of search engines such as google have. Now users find themselves face to face with content that may not help a person reach their goals. Employers and schools are both using a person’s name and search results to help determine if they are the proper candidate. If a person hasn’t been the best at keeping content clean, well, luckily there are some ways to help do some damage control and get your status on google and other such engines where you want it to be.

Darius Fisher who is president of Status Labs works day in and day out to help keep his client’s reputations clean. He has seen many different situations where a person can be affected by search results. He along with the rest of Status Labs is a start-up business that works to maintain reputations.

Fisher with his experience handling other client’s reputations along with his own has developed a set of tips for maintaining clean google results.

Logging out before searching yourself is the first tip. This is important because google creates a profile and sends results based on each person’s account. If you really want to see what google is showing the public then you need to see the results as one of the public.

Remove unwanted results from search pages by tracking down and asking domains to remove unwanted content. Fisher says that asking politely is the best first step, and if that does not work then any attorney should be able to help craft a takedown letter.

Creating new content that is linked to your name will help rank the newest and most relevant content above the older less desired stuff. Blog posts, social media postings, websites, and articles are always that this can be achieved.

Data providers should be looked out for and usually have options to opt out of profiles. These companies may build unwanted profiles based on old social media and other content.

Overall, Darius Fisher of Status Labs says to be proactive about finding content and maintaining a reputation. A person cannot simply expect unwanted content to go away without doing any work. Noting that the internet creates viral material on a regular basis, it is best to try and get rid of unwanted information as quickly as possible.

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3 Tutorial Artists You Want To Follow On Youtube

If you’re a creative person who wants to learn a new way to express yourself, then this post is for you. It lays out 3 of the best YouTube channels to follow if you want to learn a new, artistic skill from an expert.

1. Gordon Ramsay — The Chef
Gordon Ramsay, the food king of reality TV, is famous for the shows Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef, and Hell’s Kitchen. Well now he’s taken his skills for cooking and media and decided to apply them to Youtube, and the channel is amazing. Here’s why:

When you watch Gordon Ramsay on TV you see other people learn from his cooking experience. You get to see beautiful shots of decadent food and drool over what you may never eat. When you watch Gordon Ramsay on Youtube he teaches you how to cook. His Youtube channel features FoodNetwork esc videos of him in the kitchen talking through recipes step-by-step with explanations of why he uses certain techniques. Watch the Gordon Ramsay channel if you want to learn how to make delicious food!

2. Wengie — The Makeup Artist

Wengie is an incredibly talented makeup artist from Australia with a background in marketing. Early in her career she learned the importance of writing for blogs and social media as way for businesses to connect with their audience. She took those lessons and started working for herself.

Now she is a famous Youtuber whose videos average thousands of views. The videos are generally makeup tutorials, and her approach is one of an artist. She looks critically at culture, compares and contrasts different styles, and ultimately provides her perspective on make-up while teaching technique. If you want to think thoughtfully about makeup as an art, or just learn some tips for your daily routines or a night out, follow Wengie! She’s amazing.

3. William Kemp Art School — The Painter
William Kemp is a talented painter who has studied art in Italy, run his own gallery, and taught art in school. Now he has a YouTube channel of art lessons for art beginners. He offers videos on sketching technique and acrylic paint. There are more painting videos than sketching videos. The paint videos teach you a lot about the medium.

He explains how to take care of paints & paintbrushes, and logically walks the viewers through new techniques step-by-step, slowly so they have time to learn. This is definitely a good channel to watch if you’ve always loved the idea of painting, but haven’t picked up a brush since middle school. You’ll learn so much and be amazed by what you can create.
That’s it! These are 3 of the best YouTube Channels there are. Gordon Ramsay, the expert chef, will teach you how to cook. Wengie, the talented make-up artist with a unique perspective, will teach you make-up technique, and William Kemp will walk you through the basics of painting with acrylics. Happy creating!